High Coast Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$76,534.40 From 13 Tournaments

Team Rosters For High Coast Esports

<unknown active timeframe>
$534.40 From 1 Tournament
0.70% of Team Total Prize Money Earned

Current Roster
United States ben1337Ben SmithSince 2021-01-01$0.000 Tournaments
United States PwnAloneJosh PigueSince 2021-01-01$0.000 Tournaments
Former Players
Canada djayJonathan Dallal2021-01-01 ⇒ 2021-03-25$0.000 Tournaments
United States RampageRamal Silva2021-01-01 ⇒ 2021-02-01$0.000 Tournaments
<unknown active timeframe>
$39,500.00 From 9 Tournaments
51.61% of Team Total Prize Money Earned

No players associated with this squad.
<unknown active timeframe>
$36,500.00 From 3 Tournaments
47.69% of Team Total Prize Money Earned

Former Players
Sweden CharlieCharlie Arat2021-01-20 ⇒ 2021-04-15$7,300.003 Tournaments
Sweden ChessieRasmus Blomdin2021-01-20 ⇒ 2021-04-15$7,300.003 Tournaments
Sweden EraAdrian Kryeziu2021-01-20 ⇒ 2021-04-15$7,300.003 Tournaments
Czech Republic Supream^Ondřej Štarha2021-01-20 ⇒ 2021-04-15$7,300.003 Tournaments
Sweden XibbeAndreas Ragnemaln2021-01-20 ⇒ 2021-04-15$7,300.003 Tournaments


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