The Peeps

Total Prize Money Earned:
$138,050.00 From 24 Tournaments

The Peeps Roster Summary

Rocket League$138,050.00100.00%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$116,133.3484.12%
2.Canada Canada$21,916.6715.88%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States Gyro.Jirair Papazian$45,816.67
2.United States AyyJayyAustin Aebi$22,916.67
3.Canada AllushinBraxton Lagarec$21,916.67
4.United States RetalsSlater Thomas$21,166.67
5.United States mistNick Costello$16,666.67
6.United States ArsenalTshaka Taylor$7,233.33
7.United States PiratesCarter Tschumper$2,333.33


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