Big Frames

Total Prize Money Earned:
$20,750.00 From 17 Tournaments

Big Frames Roster Summary


Country Summary

1.United States United States$10,040.0048.39%
2.Iceland Iceland$1,620.007.81%
3.Canada Canada$340.001.64%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States NurfedJimmy McFadden$4,150.00
2.United States devastationAndy Parr$1,980.00
3.United States WelshyyLiam Newhouse$1,980.00
4.United States L0NERJacob Webster$1,670.00
5.United States CryocellsMatthew Panganiban$1,620.00
6.Iceland in0xTheodor Bjornsson$1,620.00
7.United States KoalanoobGianFranco Potestio$1,620.00
8.United States SvLSam Laudando$1,620.00
9.United States ChurchRyan Church$1,540.00
10.United States Cp2Chuck Proud$550.00
11.Canada randyySAVAGEDevon Bréard$550.00
12.United States WinsumRyan Johns$550.00
13.United States BjorJoseph Bjorklund$440.00
14.United States PRDTRYan Davtian$440.00
15.United States TurnUp2ezJoseph Sicre$240.00
16.Russian Federation temArtem Kozlovskiy$180.00


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