Shoot To Kill

Total Prize Money Earned:
$240,578.75 From 20 Tournaments

Shoot To Kill Roster Summary


Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States aLOWAaron Lommen$52,450.94
2.United States PurdyKurtyKurtis Bond$52,450.94
3.United States UncivilTimothy Ebarb$52,450.94
4.Australia Luke12Luke Newey$32,700.94
5.Canada AdamAdam Didiano$19,750.00
6.United States OGRE2Tom Ryan$7,905.00
7.United States OGRE1Dan Ryan$6,405.00
8.United States StrangePurpleDoug Fabrizio$3,530.00
9.United States SaiyanRyan Danford$2,875.00
10.United States WalshyDavid Walsh$2,875.00
11.United States ClockworkKushik Dutta$2,525.00
12.United States HeinzRichie Heinz$1,500.00
13.Canada Royal 2Mathew Fiorante$1,500.00
14.United States SnakeBitePaul Duarte$1,500.00
15.Canada Taryn- -$160.00


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