Vexed Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$26,015.09 From 13 Tournaments

Vexed Gaming Roster Summary


Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom ParadoxOliver Barnett$3,250.00
2.Pakistan Adam9130Adam Ahmad$1,984.51
3.United Kingdom KrayCalum Knight$1,984.51
4.United Kingdom L1NKTravis Mendoza$1,984.51
5.United Kingdom meziiFWill Merriman$1,984.51
6.United Kingdom ec1sAdam Eccles$1,399.74
7.United Kingdom FerralDaniel Rotheram$743.64
8.Sweden Jesus- -$743.64
9.United Kingdom Zak- -$743.64
10.Sweden downieSimon Storm$640.68
11.United Kingdom OzzyOscar Scott$640.68
12.United Kingdom PicklesCharlie Pickles$640.68
13.Sweden quixMax Lindkvist$640.68
14.Norway truthErik Hansen Dyrnes$640.68
15.United Kingdom VanityKyle Garthwaite$640.68
16.United Kingdom LunnyCasey Lunn$625.00
17.Ireland QristolaChris O'keefe$625.00
18.United Kingdom QuadKieran Rose$625.00
19.United Kingdom RiotzMax Cottle$625.00
20.United Kingdom AstrooSam Gresham$521.05
21.United Kingdom fre1Aaron Frei$521.05
22.United Kingdom JenkoTom Jenkinson$521.05
23.United Kingdom Puls3Reece Marrs$521.05
24.United Kingdom stan1eyTramaine Stanley$521.05
25.United Kingdom DokiJack Robertson$508.96


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