SJ Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$113,444.74 From 28 Tournaments

SJ Gaming Roster Summary


Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Finland arvidTony Niemelä$22,660.37
2.Finland SADDYXTuomas Louhimaa$21,571.25
3.Finland KHRNJesse Grandell$19,189.18
4.Finland xartEMikko Välimaa$19,189.18
5.Finland JamppiElias Olkkonen$18,408.45
6.Finland BONAVerneri Junkala$3,471.20
7.Finland ZOREELasse Uronen$2,492.17
8.Finland tenkaneAarne Vuoristo$2,102.77
9.Finland AerialJani Jussila$1,160.55
10.Finland auneJoonas Rantala$1,160.55
11.Finland STOVVEToni Liukkonen$988.61
12.Finland twixieSamuli Herrala$979.03
13.Finland juhobJuho Lampinen$71.43


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