Team Infused

Total Prize Money Earned:
$494,891.66 From 121 Tournaments

Team Infused Roster Summary

Call of Duty$272,438.6755.05%
Dota 2$1,705.340.34%
Fighting Games$6,475.501.31%
Gears of War$0.000.00%
Halo 5: Guardians$136,561.1527.59%
League of Legends$30,044.606.07%
Rocket League$14,921.013.02%
Team Fortress 2$2,437.790.49%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$233,342.6047.15%
2.Sweden Sweden$3,271.930.66%
3.Netherlands Netherlands$1,655.570.33%
4.Germany Germany$1,396.220.28%
5.Ireland Ireland$1,062.150.21%
6.Greece Greece$626.930.13%
7.Denmark Denmark$70.210.01%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom MarkyBMark Bryceland$32,703.76
2.United Kingdom PeatieAdam Peate$31,705.64
3.United Kingdom UrbanDavid Marsh$28,353.60
4.United Kingdom Zer0Trei Morris$27,145.34
5.United Kingdom PacinoSam Walley$25,000.00
6.United Kingdom richERichie Atkins$25,000.00
7.United Kingdom ShAnEShane McKerral$25,000.00
8.United Kingdom SwannyCallum Swan$25,000.00
9.Germany KimboRobby El-Zein$20,625.00
10.United Kingdom RespectfulBrandon Stones$14,437.50
11.United Kingdom ChalkieJake White$13,515.29
12.United Kingdom RamirezAndrew Corrigan$13,515.29
13.United Kingdom TuFoxyPerry Kenyon$13,515.29
14.Italy MoseLuciano Calvanico$13,500.00
15.United Kingdom JimboJames Bradbrook$13,312.50
16.United Kingdom BlackJackJack Lewis$13,229.86
17.United Kingdom NolsonNick Nolson$12,662.50
18.United Kingdom DeleoDeleo Devitt$8,162.50
19.United Kingdom NiallNiall Sunderland$8,162.50
20.United Kingdom AlexxAlex Carpenter$7,850.00
21.United Kingdom PhluxHamzah Nackvi$6,000.00
22.United Kingdom BatchfordRyan Batchelor$5,000.00
23.Denmark DoodleDaniel Petersen$5,000.00
24.United Kingdom DoomseeRyan Graham$4,973.67
25.United Kingdom SebadamSebastian Adamatzky$4,973.67


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