Hound Esports

Total Prize Money Earned:
$337.51 From 2 Tournaments

Hound Esports Roster Summary

Super Smash Bros.$337.51100.00%

Country Summary

1.United Kingdom United Kingdom$337.51100.00%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United Kingdom JaxterToby Smith$337.51


Hound Esports on Twitter: "[#Smash4] Announcing our exit for the Super Smash Bros scene. We wish nothing but the best of luck
Last Checked 2019-08-16 5:12:24 PM
Hound Esports on Twitter: "[#Melee] Firstly, we would like to welcome @MINTMontgomery into Hound Esports! With the FGC being s
Last Checked 2019-08-16 5:11:05 PM
Hound Esports on Twitter: "[#SSBU] Tonight we are excited to announce our entrance back into the Scottish Super Smash Bros scen
Last Checked 2019-08-16 5:10:54 PM
Hound Esports on Twitter: "[#SSBU] Tonight we further show our commitment to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene with a new ad
Last Checked 2019-08-16 5:10:35 PM
Hound Esports on Twitter: "Today we announce the Shut Down of Hound Esports. It's been a good run, but unfortunately it can't
Last Checked 2019-10-08 6:33:17 PM
Hound Esports on Twitter: "[#Smash4] Tonight we are excited to announce our first ever and official Smash 4 competitive player!
Last Checked 2019-08-16 5:12:06 PM
Hound Esports on Twitter: "[#Smash4] Announcing our new pickup within the Smash 4 scene. Welcome to the #HoundBrigade: @MagiM
Last Checked 2019-08-16 5:11:53 PM
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