Thunder Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$4,350.05 From 11 Tournaments

Top Players For Thunder Gaming

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.United States MVDJestise Negron$3,369.77$34,151.629.87%
2.United States MuteAceAntony Hoo$605.28$11,039.465.48%
3.United States TacoGuyy- -$375.00$375.00100.00%


Thunder Gaming - Long Beach Esports Center
Last Checked 2019-08-10 5:24:11 PM
Ginger on Twitter: "Announcement: I will not be renewing my contract with Thunder Gaming for 2020. I want to be clear that the
Last Checked 2020-01-15 6:02:04 AM
Thunder Gaming on Twitter: "Now that princess @MVD731 is awake. Help us welcome @G2Westballz to the team.… "
Last Checked 2019-08-17 11:27:20 AM
Thunder Gaming on Twitter: "Kicking off the week with the first rollout of our SoCal talent initiative. Please welcome @K9sbruc
Last Checked 2019-08-19 3:10:28 PM
Thunder Gaming on Twitter: "We now have a pro #esports team representing us in #SmashBrosUltimate! Just signed with @MVD731, 17
Last Checked 2019-08-10 5:23:33 PM
Thunder Gaming on Twitter: "We are excited to announce a new signing to our #ThunderGaming team: hi @SsbmGinger !! #esports #s
Last Checked 2019-08-16 5:00:39 PM
Weston Dennis on Twitter: "Didn’t fulfill my obligations with thunder so I will be a free agent going into 2020 (maybe I will
Last Checked 2020-01-11 6:29:57 PM