Team Curse

Total Prize Money Earned:
$332,078.95 From 141 Tournaments

Team Curse was a North American eSports organization sponsored by Curse, Inc. and based in Los Angeles. Formed as a League of Legends team in August 2011 by Steve "LiQuiD112" Arhancet, it was acquired by Curse Inc. in August 2011.

On April 15, 2014, Arhancet announced that he had purchased the eSports arm of the Curse Inc., which from then on was an organization entire separated from Curse, Inc.

On January 6, 2015, the organization merged with Team Liquid. It absorbed Curse eSports' rosters and the corresponding management staff.

Team Curse Roster Summary

Call of Duty (Curse Australia)$3,930.601.18%
Call of Duty (Curse Black)$10,780.003.25%
Call of Duty (Curse Las Vegas)$16,475.004.96%
Call of Duty (Curse New York)$2,000.000.60%
Call of Duty (Curse Orange)$0.000.00%
Call of Duty (Curse Youth)$1,500.000.45%
Call of Duty (Curse)$14,400.004.34%
Counter-Strike (Curse EU)$5,840.621.76%
Counter-Strike (Curse NA)$6,141.131.85%
Heroes of the Storm$0.000.00%
League of Legends (Curse Academy)$42,050.0012.66%
League of Legends (Curse EU)$55,121.1016.60%
League of Legends (Curse NA)$106,300.0032.01%
League of Legends (Curse OCE)$4,614.221.39%
Street Fighter$0.000.00%
Super Smash Bros.$12,842.103.87%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$131,472.6839.59%
2.Lithuania Lithuania$26,778.268.06%
3.Finland Finland$19,072.935.74%
4.Canada Canada$15,728.714.74%
5.Sweden Sweden$14,618.524.40%
6.Poland Poland$9,471.842.85%
7.Venezuela Venezuela$5,816.671.75%
8.Denmark Denmark$4,583.941.38%
9.Australia Australia$930.600.28%
10.Netherlands Netherlands$400.000.12%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States CopDavid Roberson$18,663.34
2.United States SaintviciousBrandon DiMarco$15,206.67
3.United States NyjackyCheng Wang$14,887.15
4.Finland SavjzJanne Mikkonen$13,605.91
5.Canada ElementzCody Sigfusson$12,093.34
6.United States VoyboyJoe Esfahani$11,290.00
7.Sweden MalunooTobias Magnusson$10,865.01
8.Lithuania ExtinktVytautas Mėlinauskas$10,803.55
9.Lithuania AngushAurimas Gedvilas$10,465.01
10.United States RhuxKeenan Santos$9,140.00
11.United States HungryboxJuan Debiedma$9,048.85
12.United States IWillDominateChristian Rivera$7,000.00
13.United States PobelterEugene Park$5,713.81
14.Lithuania SleperAlgirdas Saliamonas$5,509.74
15.Poland CreatonJakub Grzegorzewski$5,355.27
16.United States MochilaSteve Canle$5,295.00
17.United States WestriceJonathan Nguyen$5,116.67
18.Poland SuperAZEPiotr Prokop$5,055.27
19.United States BudsCasey Mcilwaine$5,000.00
20.United States TalespinRonnie DuPree$5,000.00
21.France Xp3David Garrido$5,000.00
22.Venezuela QuasDiego Ruiz$4,900.00
23.United States EnableIan Wyatt$4,795.00
24.United States MiRxMarcus Carter$4,618.75
25.Denmark XinecAndreas Krogsbøll$4,583.94


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