Strictly Business

Total Prize Money Earned:
$106,630.00 From 11 Tournaments

Strictly Business Roster Summary

Call of Duty$105,630.0099.06%
Gears of War$1,000.000.94%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$105,197.5098.66%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States DedoKen Dedo$26,191.25
2.United States ApathyBryan Zhelyazkov$25,000.00
3.United States CensorDouglas Martin$25,000.00
4.United States SaintsRenato Forza$25,000.00
5.United States JohnJohnathan Perez$1,407.50
6.United States PHiZZURPPhillip Klemenov$1,407.50
7.United States NesloJeremy Olsen$1,191.25
8.United States NasttyJakob Patterson$250.00
9.United States WingosJeremy King$250.00
10.United States XcellsChristopher Hill$250.00
11.United States YogurtZachary DeFrank$250.00
12.United States SinJon Baez$216.25
13.United States TwiZzEric Servello$216.25


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