Taipei Assassins

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,529,565.39 From 24 Tournaments

Taipei Assassins Results for League of Legends

$6,184.20 From 1 Tournament
0.43% of Total Prize Money Earned

2016-04-174thTeam-based Tournament » LMS Spring 2016NT$200,000.00$6,184.20League of Legends

$34,838.75 From 3 Tournaments
2.43% of Total Prize Money Earned

2015-07-265thTeam-based Tournament » LMS Summer 2015NT$250,000.00$7,937.25League of Legends
2015-04-123rdTeam-based Tournament » LMS Spring 2015NT$500,000.00$15,901.50League of Legends
2015-01-302ndTeam-based Tournament » IEM IX - Taipei (LoL)-$11,000.00League of Legends

$293,334.58 From 7 Tournaments
20.48% of Total Prize Money Earned

2014-12-281st-8thTeam-based Tournament » LMS 2015 Spring QualifiersNT$20,000.00$635.60League of Legends
2014-10-1914th-16thTeam-based Tournament » LoL 2014 World Championship-$25,000.00League of Legends
2014-08-161stTeam-based Tournament » GPL Summer 2014-$80,000.00League of Legends
2014-04-061stTeam-based Tournament » GPL Spring 2014-$80,000.00League of Legends
2014-03-165th-6thTeam-based Tournament » IEM VIII - World Championship (LoL)-$8,500.00League of Legends
2014-01-111stTeam-based Tournament » GPL Winter 2014-$80,000.00League of Legends
2014-01-052ndTeam-based Tournament » LNL Winter Season 2014NT$575,000.00$19,198.98League of Legends

$67,387.19 From 4 Tournaments
4.71% of Total Prize Money Earned

2013-12-015th-6thTeam-based Tournament » IEM VIII - Singapore (LoL Pro)-$2,500.00League of Legends
2013-08-183rdTeam-based Tournament » GPL Summer 2013-$10,000.00League of Legends
2013-05-193rdTeam-based Tournament » NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 (LoL)CN¥30,000$4,887.19League of Legends
2013-04-211stTeam-based Tournament » GPL Spring 2013-$50,000.00League of Legends

$1,030,455.86 From 8 Tournaments
71.95% of Total Prize Money Earned

2012-12-023rdTeam-based Tournament » IGN Pro League Season 5 (LoL)-$7,500.00League of Legends
2012-11-171stTeam-based Tournament » GPL Season 1-$10,000.00League of Legends
2012-10-131stTeam-based Tournament » LoL Season 2 World Championship-$1,000,000.00League of Legends
2012-09-011stTeam-based Tournament » Season 2 Regional Finals - TaipeiNT$100,000.00$3,339.29League of Legends
2012-06-171stTeam-based Tournament » GIGABYTE StarsWar 7 (LoL)CN¥20,000$3,141.57League of Legends
2012-05-311stTeam-based Tournament » Go4LoL Pro Asia Season 1CN¥3,000$475.00League of Legends
2012-05-051stTeam-based Tournament » GPL Opening Event-$3,000.00League of Legends
2012-04-302ndTeam-based Tournament » NVIDIA Game Festival 2012 (LoL)-$3,000.00League of Legends


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