Moscow Five

Total Prize Money Earned:
$471,183.11 From 77 Tournaments

Moscow Five Roster Summary

Counter Strike$52,416.1811.12%
Counter Strike (Female)$11,430.002.43%
Dota 2$51,606.5910.95%
Dota 2 (International)$15,430.523.27%
League of Legends$338,435.2171.83%

Country Summary

1.Russian Federation Russian Federation$339,063.1071.96%
2.Armenia Armenia$62,795.6613.33%
3.Belarus Belarus$3,543.180.75%
4.Turkey Turkey$3,086.100.65%
5.Ukraine Ukraine$1,505.960.32%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.Russian Federation Alex IchAlexey Ichetovkin$62,795.64
2.Russian Federation DarienEugene Mazaev$62,795.64
3.Armenia EDwardEdward Abgarian$62,795.64
4.Russian Federation GenjaEugene Andryushin$62,795.64
5.Russian Federation DiamondproxDanil Reshetnikov$62,744.06
6.Russian Federation FoxSergey Stolyarov$10,571.54
7.Russian Federation DosiaMikhail Stolyarov$10,483.23
8.Russian Federation ed1kEduard Ivanov$10,483.23
9.Russian Federation ROMJkERoman Makarov$10,483.23
10.Russian Federation xekAlexander Zobkov$10,045.70
11.Russian Federation DreadAndrey Golubev$7,700.00
12.Russian Federation ARS-ARTSergey Revin$7,000.00
13.Russian Federation GSergey Bragin$7,000.00
14.Russian Federation NSYaroslav Kuznetsov$7,000.00
15.Russian Federation SantaAlexander Koltan$7,000.00
16.Russian Federation PlzGoGameVladimir Anosov$4,979.08
17.Russian Federation ArchieVyacheslav Egorov$4,891.40
18.Russian Federation dayruinBoris Shcherbakov$4,891.40
19.Russian Federation FlashinthenightYurii Shilenkov$4,891.40
20.Russian Federation TsarCanyaSanya Sinyakou$4,799.60
21.Ukraine KendrAleksandr Glazkov$4,299.60
22.Belarus zxcVitalii Domostoy$3,643.19
23.Russian Federation SlanderDmitrii Zhykov$3,604.45
24.Russian Federation sQreenKhaled El-Khabbash$3,286.10
25.Turkey NeqromanSelim Oynar$3,086.10


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