Team 3D

Team 3D

Total Prize Money Earned:
$381,191.67 From 43 Tournaments

3D stands for "Desire, Discipline and Dedication".

Team 3D Roster Summary

Call of Duty$10,500.002.75%
CS: Source$50,000.0013.12%

Country Summary

1.United States United States$298,864.9978.40%
2.Canada Canada$31,866.668.36%

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Team)
1.United States RamboRonald Kim$54,076.67
2.United States VolcanoSalvatore Garozzo$37,816.67
3.United States KsharpKyle Miller$37,083.33
4.United States OGRE1Dan Ryan$31,125.00
5.United States OGRE2Tom Ryan$30,375.00
6.United States MotoDave Geffon$29,593.33
7.United States methodMichael So$27,143.33
8.United States DominatorJosh Sievers$24,293.33
9.United States WalshyDavid Walsh$18,550.00
10.United States SaiyanRyan Danford$16,425.00
11.United States BullseyeSean Morgan$15,400.00
12.Canada shaGuarGriffin Benger$15,083.33
13.United States bomsJohnny Quach$14,733.33
14.Canada SteelOgnian Gueorguiev$11,533.33
15.United States kaneDave Cannon$6,600.00
16.United States angeloAndy Chiamopoulos$1,750.00
17.Canada anomalyAndrew Brock$1,750.00
18.United States doomweaverIsaac Nelson$1,750.00
19.Canada NorthmanAdam Gray$1,750.00
20.Canada w!$eGUyTed Georgoudakis$1,750.00
21.United States wombatMark Larsen$1,750.00
22.United States fRoDDanny Montaner$460.00
23.United States da bearsErik Stromberg$200.00
24.United States JadenAlex Moore$200.00


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