Gambit Gaming

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,218,874.28 From 48 Tournaments
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Gambit Gaming Roster Summary

Dota 2$4,200.000.34%
League of Legends$204,762.6916.80%
League of Legends (Gambit.CIS)$53,280.564.37%

Country Summary

1.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$568,654.5246.65%
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$404,686.3533.20%
3.Ukraine Ukraine$165,959.0613.62%
4.Armenia Armenia$32,743.742.69%
5.Estonia Estonia$18,000.001.48%
6.Latvia Latvia$9,791.200.80%
7.Finland Finland$7,750.000.64%
8.France France$3,000.000.25%
9.Denmark Denmark$3,000.000.25%
10.Poland Poland$2,918.060.24%
11.Czech Republic Czech Republic$844.740.07%
12.Belarus Belarus$700.000.06%
13.Sweden Sweden$500.000.04%

Top Players


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