Thomas "Moose" Handley - Call of Duty Player

Thomas Handley
Date of Birth:
February 23, 1995
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$61,043.94 From 50 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Moose, Mooseman95, TCM Moose, TEC Moose

Earnings Compared To Other Players

United States title= AchesPatrick Price-$418,562.82
United States title= ApathyBryan Zhelyazkov-$522,303.56
United Kingdom title= BanceBen Bance-$184,698.50
United Kingdom title= BraaainBrian Fairlamb+$28,436.61
United Kingdom title= CarbinesLiam Ryan+$52,018.19
France title= CarbonRonan Houssein+$57,979.97
United States title= CensorDouglas Martin-$1,601.69
United States title= ChinoMartin Chino-$62,173.81
United States title= ClassicNicholas Di Costanzo-$264,030.06
United States title= ClaysterJames Eubanks-$727,727.74
United States title= CrimsixIan Porter-$784,115.53
Australia title= DamageHayden Handakas+$9,621.45
United Kingdom title= DamoDamien Wild+$59,608.08
Belgium title= DeaNDean De Peuter+$58,089.07
United States title= DedoKen Dedo-$6,807.76
Canada title= Demon- -+$54,793.94
Australia title= DenzDenholm Taylor-$83,260.74
Belgium title= DenzBjarne Sleebus+$41,453.18
United Kingdom title= DesireBen Wright+$19,367.20
United Kingdom title= DEVRConnor Clarke+$60,632.59
United Kingdom title= DqveeDavid Davies-$31,639.16
Belgium title= DuelLieven Soenen+$58,050.41
United Kingdom title= EnduraBrad Hughes+$57,768.41
United States title= FeaRsDamod Abney+$33,593.94
United Kingdom title= FluxRyan Oldfield+$50,924.36
United States title= FormaLMatthew Piper-$637,088.24
Canada title= GoonjarJevon Gooljar-$2,388.59
France title= GotagaCorentin Houssein-$99,355.72
United Kingdom title= GunshyThomas Jones-$15,752.05
United Kingdom title= HaLLyAlex Hall+$57,759.09
United Kingdom title= HawqehhBilly Harris-$22,420.03
Canada title= iLLSKiLL- -+$54,793.94
United Kingdom title= JakeJake Dalton+$54,818.04
United States title= JKapJordan Kaplan-$653,144.87
United Kingdom title= JoeeJoseph Pinnington-$155,767.08
United Kingdom title= JoocybrahHarry Smith+$60,555.11
United Kingdom title= JoshhJoshua-Lee Shephard-$133,064.70
United Kingdom title= JTeeJack Taylor+$59,450.98
Ireland title= JurdJordan Crowley-$200,159.96
Canada title= KarmaDamon Barlow-$750,543.31
United States title= KillaAdam Sloss-$112,210.00
France title= KrnageJordy Mercier+$49,406.18
United States title= LoonyDaniel Loza-$242,895.08
United Kingdom title= LXTBrandon McAllister+$57,187.61
United Kingdom title= MadCatDylan Dally-$135,867.53
France title= MallsEddy Maillard+$44,422.69
United Kingdom title= MarkyBMark Bryceland-$120.06
France title= MaxxieMaxime Ebran+$38,844.56
United States title= MbozeMarcus Blanks-$11,652.66
Canada title= Mech- -+$54,793.94
United States title= MerKJoseph DeLuca-$187,322.61
United States title= MiRxMarcus Carter-$82,086.53
United Kingdom title= MomoPhilip Whitfield+$59,142.37
France title= MysTKSacha R.+$59,269.34
United States title= NadeshotMatthew Haag-$167,639.81
United States title= NamelessAnthony Wheeler-$72,619.47
United Kingdom title= NathanNathan Orton+$56,483.37
United States title= NesloJeremy Olsen+$37,665.19
United Kingdom title= NiallNiall Sunderland+$34,028.68
United Kingdom title= NolsonNick Nolson-$14,282.64
United States title= PacmanJonathan Tucker+$40,115.19
United States title= ParasiteChristopher Duarte-$172,620.40
United Kingdom title= PeatieAdam Peate-$17,316.81
United States title= ProofyJordan Cannon-$43,986.43
United Kingdom title= PuFectoLewis Beardwell+$60,829.15
United Kingdom title= QwiKeRShea Sweeney+$9,408.46
Canada title= RamboRaymond Lussier-$73,064.79
United Kingdom title= RatedRhys Price-$163,695.18
United Kingdom title= ReeceReece Grover+$60,632.59
United Kingdom title= ReedyJordan Reed+$15,604.16
United States title= ReplaysChris Crowder-$198,324.90
United States title= RickyRicky Stacy-$51,737.67
France title= RiskinClément Hattée+$47,233.39
United Kingdom title= RobzJoe Roberts+$59,765.49
Ireland title= RoloBrett Douglas+$59,692.28
United States title= SaintsRenato Forza-$175,173.56
United States title= ScumpSeth Abner-$661,586.41
United Kingdom title= ShAnEShane McKerral+$9,540.61
United States title= SharpBrandon Rodgers+$3,952.56
Canada title= Slumber- -+$54,793.94
United States title= StudyyJeremy Astacio-$37,969.42
Netherlands title= SubsistLaurens Schuurmans+$60,086.93
United Kingdom title= SunnyBGurdip Bains+$25,930.87
United Kingdom title= SwannyCallum Swan-$31,165.82
United Kingdom title= SwiftzCameron Turner+$60,906.82
United States title= TeepeeTyler Polchow-$225,318.09
United States title= TheoryDylan McGee-$53,071.06
United Kingdom title= TommeyThomas Trewren-$118,554.17
United Kingdom title= UrbanDavid Marsh+$11,648.09
France title= VeziokQuentin Seury+$57,415.24
United Kingdom title= VortexStephen Allen-$37,537.63
France title= VortexBrandon Gomes+$48,939.02
United Kingdom title= WatsonJosh Watson+$48,639.49
United States title= Whea7sJamal Lee+$8,647.69
United Kingdom title= ZedZach Denyer-$64,501.78
United Kingdom title= Zer0Trei Morris-$210,902.29
France title= ZerooValentin Langlet+$58,306.83
France title= ZylewRJulien Louis+$55,212.06

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