Pascal "Gallo" Jäger - TrackMania Player

Pascal Jäger
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$10,527.84 From 6 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Earnings Compared To Other Players

Norway title= NotrubErik Wethal+$10,341.69
Poland title= nuggetPrzemek Ciachowski+$9,964.04
Germany title= OlfOle Dahms+$10,447.63
Germany title= oNioFlorian Roschu+$4,109.77
Austria title= PeZiPeter Strele+$6,851.52
Germany title= pokeYTim Winkelmann+$10,193.19
France title= remix- -+$10,404.95
France title= roan- -+$10,404.95
United Kingdom title= SabreAndrew Wilson+$9,447.26
Czech Republic title= SandroTomáš Počta+$9,279.19
Germany title= ScreamMaximilian Brucker+$9,472.66
Germany title= Sensei- -+$10,461.00
France title= SertyNicola Murcia+$10,267.49
United Kingdom title= ShawTom Shaw+$10,199.33
Germany title= shiefDominik Fijalkowski+$10,223.26
Germany title= SMiiEDaniel -+$10,420.90
Netherlands title= SpamTim Lunenburg-$4,089.09
United Kingdom title= StevieM- -+$9,793.03
Germany title= TaLaArmin van de Venn+$7,720.87
Netherlands title= TamarilloRobert Crone+$9,766.31
France title= TannisLaurent B+$9,206.41
Slovakia title= tweenMarek Pacher-$11,963.38
Germany title= v4L1umJeremy Bens+$9,232.82
France title= wellsNicolas Michaud+$10,290.32
United Kingdom title= YizuChris Wright+$10,194.45
France title= YoYoYoan Cook+$103.19
Norway title= znikPeter Skarstein+$9,710.36

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