Rocco "Saf" Morales - Fortnite Player

Rocco Morales
Date of Birth:
United States
United States
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,176,312.02 From 65 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:

Earnings Compared To Other Players

United States title= 72hrsThomas Mulligan+$860,278.69
Austria title= AquaDavid Wang-$831,862.21
United States title= ArkhramDiego Lima+$513,995.34
United Kingdom title= BenjyFishyBenjy David Fish+$609,255.73
United States title= BizzleTimothy Miller+$541,085.63
United States title= BughaKyle Giersdorf-$2,203,899.70
United States title= CeiceDavis McClellan+$26,156.55
United States title= ChapRyan Chaplo+$834,645.35
United States title= CizzorzJack -+$826,562.02
United States title= ClixCody Conrod+$865,218.94
United States title= CloakzyDennis Lepore+$719,495.36
Sweden title= CrueTheo Ferrer+$456,862.02
United States title= DmoDylan Moore+$932,837.02
Latvia title= DomentosDomeniks Bunts+$903,024.18
United States title= DubsDaniel Walsh+$692,387.03
United States title= ElevateHayden Krueger+$182,538.82
United States title= EpikWhaleShane Cotton-$229,355.30
United States title= FalconerBrendan Falconer+$681,712.02
United States title= FunkBombTrevor Siegler+$858,095.35
Canada title= hiimtylerhTyler -+$835,062.02
France title= HunterCorentin Tardif+$940,613.71
Argentina title= k1nGThiago Lapp+$151,162.02
Switzerland title= KinstaarDuong Huynh+$754,940.34
United States title= KreoNate Kou-$44,847.72
United States title= MackWoodMack Aesoph+$852,178.69
United States title= MeggaNoam Ackenine+$779,728.70
Netherlands title= Mitr0Dmitri Van de Vrie+$379,187.21
United Kingdom title= MongraalKyle Jackson+$485,107.79
United States title= MorgausseAustin Etue+$921,887.46
Norway title= MrSavageMartin Foss+$793,203.62
United States title= Nate HillNate Hill+$724,805.41
France title= NayteNathan Berquignol+$636,001.25
Norway title= NyhroxEmil Bergquist Pedersen-$362,083.67
United States title= PoachJake Brumleve+$823,737.02
United States title= psalmHarrison Chang-$782,137.98
United States title= RiversanRiver Handley+$812,545.35
Netherlands title= RojoDave Jong-$38,331.31
France title= SkiteClément Danglot+$311,048.00
Austria title= stompyKlaus Konstanzer+$604,390.08
Belgium title= SuezhooStephan -+$835,062.02
United States title= TfueTurner Tenney+$512,012.01
Austria title= TschiiinkenThomas Hörak+$849,335.08
Switzerland title= VatoPierre Mesey+$889,504.93
United States title= VinnyVinny Gilgan+$826,073.22
United States title= VividNoah Wright+$712,870.35
United Kingdom title= WolfiezJaden Ashman-$173,516.05
Denmark title= Zand- -+$835,062.02
Canada title= ZaytWilliams Aubin-$151,419.40
United States title= ZexRowAnthony Colandro+$666,362.29

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