Marius "Marius89" Wenke - Trackmania (2020) Player

Marius Wenke
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Total Prize Money Earned:
$1,871.90 From 32 Tournaments
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Results by Team

Independent / Free Agent / Unknown Team
$1,871.90 From 32 Tournaments
100.00% of Total Prize Money Earned

2020-09-301stTrackmania Speedrun Challenge 1€25.00$29.48Trackmania (2020)
2020-09-133rdRandom Cup Summer€20.00$23.69Trackmania (2020)
2020-08-222ndMultiStyle Cup€52.50$62.04Trackmania (2020)
2020-06-251stAynduro Cup€25.00$28.15TrackMania Nations Forever
2020-04-011stI'm not a Cow - Cup 3€50.00$55.13TrackMania 2: Stadium
2020-03-153rdRestart Cup€5.00$5.56TrackMania 2: Stadium
2020-02-093rdCioumTv Cup€20.00$22.17TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-12-153rdTurbos Follower Cup€21.00$23.27TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-12-074th» NidoMasters - Solo€50.00$55.32TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-11-303rdCentaury Mini RPG Tournament€10.00$11.06TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-11-111stMeeeehh Cup€10.00$11.06TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-11-091stHC Cup RPG€25.00$27.64TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-11-032ndBugZ Cup€10.00$11.14TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-08-103rdSpawn Cup€20.00$22.27TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-04-232ndAsteri Cup 2019-04-23€20.00$22.47TrackMania 2: Stadium
2019-01-192ndEternal Cup #3-$150.00TrackMania 2: Stadium
2018-12-152ndBeary's Cup Winter Édition #1€45.00$51.10TrackMania 2: Stadium
2018-11-302ndAsteri Cup 2018-11-30€15.00$17.05TrackMania 2: Stadium
2018-07-282ndGGD-NidoCUP#3€60.00$70.16TrackMania 2: Stadium
2018-07-201stMonster Hunt Cup€50.00$58.46TrackMania 2: Stadium
2018-07-151stSuper Summer Mania Track Cup 4€20.00$23.39TrackMania 2: Stadium
2018-04-174thMicroMachine Cup 1 Year Edition€45.00$55.27TrackMania 2: Stadium
2017-10-214thSpheriz cup 2€5.00$5.88TrackMania 2: Stadium
2017-08-261stEternal Cup #2-$275.00TrackMania 2: Stadium
2016-11-262ndEternal Cup #1-$30.00TrackMania 2: Stadium
2016-11-051stParkour Cup 1€50.00$53.98TrackMania 2: Stadium
2015-12-123rd-4th» ZeratoR Cup #3€125.00$135.91TrackMania 2: Stadium
2015-06-206thfB's Weekly€40.00$44.86TrackMania 2: Stadium
2015-04-153rdDave's 21' Cup - Season 2-$10.00TrackMania 2: Stadium
2015-04-063rd» Gamers Assembly 2015 (TM2: Valley)€100.00$108.13Trackmania 2: Valley
2014-11-151stRPG Nightcup 10€25.00$31.18TrackMania 2: Stadium
2013-10-132nd» ZeratoR Cup #1€250.00$341.08TrackMania 2: Stadium


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