n0ne - Edgard Sheleby

Edgard "n0ne" Sheleby - Smash Player

Edgard L. Sheleby
Date of Birth:
World Ranking:
Country Ranking:

Total Prize Money Earned:
$28,838.51 From 105 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
EMG|n0ne, n0ne

Earnings Compared To Other Players

Canada title= AllyElliot Carroza-Oyarce-$87,029.48
Canada title= AlphicansLuke Aronyk+$25,887.19
Netherlands title= AmsahAmsah Augustuszoon+$14,704.72
Sweden title= AndroidAndreas Lindgren+$7,744.41
Sweden title= ArmadaAdam Lindgren-$284,317.08
United States title= AxeJeffrey Williamson-$37,588.84
United States title= AzenChristopher McMullen+$7,195.96
Canada title= Bam- -+$28,665.33
United States title= BladewiseTheodore Sybold+$21,059.40
Canada title= Blitz- -+$28,275.41
Canada title= BlueZone- -+$28,572.75
Canada title= Blunted_ObjectEric Brown+$28,402.79
Canada title= Bpak- -+$28,708.75
Canada title= Cemo- -+$28,512.38
Canada title= Chesterr01Chet -+$28,414.82
United States title= ChillinKashan Khan+$10,825.44
United States title= ChuDatDaniel Rodriguez-$18,681.69
Canada title= CoastwardAdam Hermosa+$28,819.76
Canada title= CoffeeblackAustin Scarlato+$27,385.00
United States title= ColbolColin Green+$3,257.42
Canada title= Crusayer- -+$28,492.71
United States title= CrushJack Hoyt+$6,109.29
Canada title= Daltsy- -+$28,680.89
Canada title= DiakonosManuel Cardenas+$28,677.63
United States title= DJ NintendoHendrick Pilar+$13,842.99
United States title= DruggedfoxSami Muhanna+$11,999.61
United States title= DuckJames Ma+$9,232.85
Canada title= Fire- -+$28,799.55
Canada title= HammerTimeTom Stavri+$28,676.15
United States title= HaxAziz Al-Yami+$1,473.56
Canada title= Hello- -+$28,746.27
Canada title= HolyNightmareMarcos Carroza-Oyarce+$24,886.54
United States title= HugSHugo Gonzalez+$7,072.22
United States title= HungryboxJuan Debiedma-$341,172.32
Canada title= I.BImadh Bedri+$28,413.41
Germany title= IceMustafa Akcakaya-$8,486.53
Canada title= IdeaKyle Charizanis+$28,350.77
United States title= IsaiIsai Alvarado+$297.25
Canada title= Jams- -+$28,746.27
United States title= JmanJesus Fernandez+$22,170.37
Canada title= KageRoustane Benzeguir+$18,390.29
United States title= KDJDaniel Jung+$15,135.71
United States title= KelsKelly Smith+$16,474.03
United States title= KenKen Hoang-$24,635.59

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