Prize Money Awarded:
$2,981.66 From 16 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2017-09-16 to

Events for Rusaoc

Rusaoc Cup 2019

$2,419.29 From 9 Tournaments
81.14% of Total Prize Money Awarded
13 Players
Apr 27th, 2019

2019-05-18Rusaoc Cup 31p.4,749$73.31Age of Empires II
2019-04-27Rusaoc Cup 30p.5,289$81.64Age of Empires II
2019-04-13Rusaoc Cup 29p.4,785$74.40Age of Empires II
2019-03-30Rusaoc Cup 28p.5,199$79.14Age of Empires II
2019-03-09Rusaoc Cup 27p.1,800$26.46Age of Empires II
2019-01-06Rusaoc Cup 26p.54,000$796.68Age of Empires II
2019-01-05Rusaoc Cup 25p.69,504$1,025.77Age of Empires II
2019-01-03Rusaoc Cup 24p.9,000$131.10Age of Empires II
2019-01-02Rusaoc Cup 23p.9,000$130.79Age of Empires II

Rusaoc Cup 2017

$562.37 From 7 Tournaments
18.86% of Total Prize Money Awarded
14 Players
Oct 21st, 2017

2017-12-30Rusaoc Cup 7p.4,599$79.67Age of Empires II
2017-12-16Rusaoc Cup 6p.4,680$79.51Age of Empires II
2017-11-18Rusaoc Cup 5p.4,684$79.26Age of Empires II
2017-11-04Rusaoc Cup 4p.5,450$92.17Age of Empires II
2017-10-21Rusaoc Cup 3p.4,500$78.40Age of Empires II
2017-10-07Rusaoc Cup 2p.5,000$85.88Age of Empires II
2017-09-16Rusaoc Cup 1p.4,500$67.48Age of Empires II