OnGameNet Overwatch APEX

Prize Money Awarded:
$853,109.65 From 10 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2016-10-07 to

Top Country Rankings For OnGameNet Overwatch APEX

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$713,952.29330 Players
2.Sweden Sweden$36,334.2711 Players
3.Finland Finland$17,033.941 Player
4.Thailand Thailand$17,033.941 Player
5.United States United States$16,469.9613 Players
6.Spain Spain$16,291.822 Players
7.Germany Germany$13,499.291 Player
8.France France$7,091.886 Players
9.United Kingdom United Kingdom$1,312.982 Players
10.Estonia Estonia$970.461 Player
11.Netherlands Netherlands$970.461 Player
12.Norway Norway$970.461 Player
13.Russian Federation Russian Federation$970.461 Player
14.Canada Canada$498.282 Players
15.Australia Australia$290.671 Player
16.Iceland Iceland$290.671 Player
17.China China$131.491 Player