ESL Go4Battlerite

Prize Money Awarded:
$7,359.17 From 32 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2016-11-06 to

Top Country Rankings For ESL Go4Battlerite

1.Sweden Sweden$1,293.535 Players
2.Finland Finland$1,115.842 Players
3.Kosovo, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of$696.281 Player
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$610.112 Players
5.Slovakia Slovakia$503.071 Player
6.Germany Germany$492.104 Players
7.Spain Spain$451.381 Player
8.Serbia Serbia$451.381 Player
9.Estonia Estonia$265.581 Player
10.Netherlands Netherlands$265.581 Player
11.Norway Norway$215.032 Players
12.United Kingdom United Kingdom$204.592 Players
13.Denmark Denmark$159.442 Players
14.Bulgaria Bulgaria$108.111 Player