ESL Go4Halo

Prize Money Awarded:
$600.00 From 3 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2015-11-22 to

Top Player Rankings For ESL Go4Halo

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (League)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.United States AceAaron Elam$100.00$332,400.000.03%
2.United States EcoKevin Smith$100.00$267,950.000.04%
3.United States FrostyBradley Bergstrom$100.00$685,850.000.01%
4.United States LethulTony Campbell$100.00$667,875.000.01%
5.United States Dom- -$50.00$50.00100.00%
6.United States Gunhavok- -$50.00$50.00100.00%
7.United States Hypotonic- -$50.00$50.00100.00%
8.United States SoiLs- -$50.00$50.00100.00%