Alienware Arena

Prize Money Awarded:
$25,756.92 From 10 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2009-11-29 to

Top Player Rankings in Alienware Arena for Dota 2

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game/League)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.United States 04Terry Wong$200.00$600.0033.33%
2.United States EosinSteven Cheng$200.00$23,737.260.84%
3.United States guanzoEric Guan$200.00$600.0033.33%
4.Canada HamSandwich- -$200.00$200.00100.00%
5.United States Roragok- -$200.00$200.00100.00%
6.Canada ChickenMC- -$100.00$100.00100.00%
7.Canada InkarnateRyan Ormsby$100.00$125.0080.00%
8.Canada Jamied- -$100.00$100.00100.00%
9.Canada LopertAlex Bradley$100.00$130.0076.92%
10.Canada Orbit- -$100.00$100.00100.00%