Overwatch 2 Esports

Overwatch 2

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$5,785,617.00 From 69 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2022-06-02 to

Top Countries For Overwatch 2

1.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$3,324,702.00186 Players
2.United States United States$938,818.8184 Players
3.China China$376,175.7662 Players
4.United Kingdom United Kingdom$161,850.8522 Players
5.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$151,787.7621 Players
6.Denmark Denmark$135,066.1914 Players
7.Sweden Sweden$112,936.7212 Players
8.Thailand Thailand$79,499.988 Players
9.Germany Germany$70,150.2718 Players
10.France France$60,783.0624 Players
11.Australia Australia$32,369.0321 Players
12.Netherlands Netherlands$31,831.3315 Players
13.Estonia Estonia$25,959.073 Players
14.Finland Finland$15,152.7310 Players
15.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic$14,017.851 Player
16.Canada Canada$12,572.6212 Players
17.Austria Austria$10,208.331 Player
18.Belgium Belgium$9,440.376 Players
19.Turkey Turkey$9,156.256 Players
20.Russian Federation Russian Federation$8,342.676 Players
21.Norway Norway$8,340.197 Players
22.Spain Spain$8,338.5010 Players
23.New Zealand New Zealand$7,630.927 Players
24.Japan Japan$6,624.978 Players
25.Hong Kong Hong Kong$6,174.986 Players
26.Switzerland Switzerland$6,108.332 Players
27.Singapore Singapore$5,697.608 Players
28.Mexico Mexico$4,473.189 Players
29.Hungary Hungary$4,407.151 Player
30.Czech Republic Czech Republic$3,821.432 Players
31.Romania Romania$3,357.142 Players
32.Israel Israel$3,050.802 Players
33.Bulgaria Bulgaria$3,000.001 Player
34.India India$2,937.506 Players
35.Ukraine Ukraine$2,928.571 Player
36.Colombia Colombia$2,400.006 Players
37.Argentina Argentina$2,000.005 Players
38.Costa Rica Costa Rica$2,000.005 Players
39.Guatemala Guatemala$2,000.005 Players
40.Puerto Rico Puerto Rico$2,000.008 Players
41.Philippines Philippines$1,999.986 Players
42.Brazil Brazil$1,999.977 Players
43.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$1,958.325 Players
44.Indonesia Indonesia$1,714.266 Players
45.Peru Peru$1,714.266 Players
46.Chile Chile$1,666.655 Players
47.Greece Greece$1,625.001 Player
48.Ireland Ireland$1,607.151 Player
49.Ecuador Ecuador$1,600.004 Players
50.Malaysia Malaysia$1,600.004 Players
51.Italy Italy$1,333.324 Players
52.Poland Poland$1,333.324 Players
53.Lithuania Lithuania$1,071.431 Player
54.Serbia Serbia$437.501 Player
55.Venezuela Venezuela$333.331 Player
56.South Africa South Africa$333.331 Player
57.Viet Nam Viet Nam$208.331 Player
58.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$101.602 Players