Trackmania (2020)

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$323,070.02 From 401 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2020-07-06 to

Top Countries For Trackmania (2020)

1.France France$114,908.07162 Players
2.Canada Canada$51,287.6411 Players
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$33,931.2313 Players
4.Germany Germany$26,251.9970 Players
5.Australia Australia$15,774.7610 Players
6.Czech Republic Czech Republic$15,571.0014 Players
7.Poland Poland$12,483.1917 Players
8.Switzerland Switzerland$12,107.3210 Players
9.Belgium Belgium$9,235.7611 Players
10.Netherlands Netherlands$4,734.3320 Players
11.Slovakia Slovakia$4,510.273 Players
12.United States United States$3,499.1916 Players
13.Croatia Croatia$3,018.037 Players
14.Sweden Sweden$2,954.573 Players
15.Finland Finland$2,188.054 Players
16.Estonia Estonia$1,599.119 Players
17.Norway Norway$1,380.9111 Players
18.Russian Federation Russian Federation$812.677 Players
19.Denmark Denmark$733.726 Players
20.Brazil Brazil$629.595 Players
21.Portugal Portugal$623.059 Players
22.Lithuania Lithuania$578.063 Players
23.Latvia Latvia$557.774 Players
24.Venezuela Venezuela$500.002 Players
25.Turkey Turkey$284.042 Players
26.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$273.882 Players
27.Slovenia Slovenia$270.001 Player
28.Hungary Hungary$246.345 Players
29.South Africa South Africa$224.742 Players
30.India India$179.278 Players
31.Indonesia Indonesia$154.002 Players
32.Austria Austria$132.592 Players
33.Romania Romania$108.051 Player
34.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$105.001 Player
35.Argentina Argentina$102.001 Player
36.Serbia Serbia$97.731 Player
37.Chile Chile$47.502 Players
38.Morocco Morocco$40.223 Players
39.Albania Albania$35.541 Player
40.Ireland Ireland$31.271 Player
41.Colombia Colombia$30.001 Player
42.Israel Israel$15.001 Player
43.Ukraine Ukraine$12.141 Player
44.Italy Italy$10.001 Player
45.New Zealand New Zealand$10.001 Player
46.Malaysia Malaysia$5.931 Player
47.Singapore Singapore$5.001 Player