Trackmania (2020)

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$127,665.72 From 164 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2020-07-06 to

Top Countries For Trackmania (2020)

1.France France$48,709.96100 Players
2.Canada Canada$29,375.124 Players
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$17,957.024 Players
4.Germany Germany$8,896.4631 Players
5.Czech Republic Czech Republic$4,506.4710 Players
6.Belgium Belgium$3,945.976 Players
7.Switzerland Switzerland$3,335.336 Players
8.Australia Australia$2,410.066 Players
9.Netherlands Netherlands$2,238.417 Players
10.Poland Poland$1,405.966 Players
11.Sweden Sweden$1,308.944 Players
12.Croatia Croatia$1,271.514 Players
13.Finland Finland$362.161 Player
14.Slovakia Slovakia$270.552 Players
15.Estonia Estonia$244.994 Players
16.Lithuania Lithuania$242.401 Player
17.Denmark Denmark$208.184 Players
18.United States United States$192.163 Players
19.Latvia Latvia$154.433 Players
20.Norway Norway$126.453 Players
21.Romania Romania$108.051 Player
22.Russian Federation Russian Federation$84.582 Players
23.Austria Austria$72.591 Player
24.Albania Albania$35.541 Player
25.Brazil Brazil$30.061 Player
26.Turkey Turkey$18.041 Player
27.Ukraine Ukraine$12.141 Player
28.Indonesia Indonesia$10.001 Player
29.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$10.001 Player
30.Hungary Hungary$6.081 Player
31.Malaysia Malaysia$5.931 Player
32.Singapore Singapore$5.001 Player