Apex Legends Esports

Apex Legends

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$14,811,914.70 From 559 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2019-02-12 to

Top Countries For Apex Legends

1.United States United States$5,267,013.11511 Players
2.Australia Australia$1,085,361.5180 Players
3.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$1,016,669.9165 Players
4.Japan Japan$955,075.18158 Players
5.Brazil Brazil$596,594.5598 Players
6.Russian Federation Russian Federation$561,690.3269 Players
7.United Kingdom United Kingdom$546,213.6356 Players
8.Thailand Thailand$516,115.4354 Players
9.Canada Canada$477,043.6245 Players
10.Sweden Sweden$397,421.0642 Players
11.France France$342,365.0165 Players
12.Germany Germany$303,081.7766 Players
13.Denmark Denmark$295,399.0319 Players
14.Indonesia Indonesia$290,103.6837 Players
15.Belarus Belarus$153,802.276 Players
16.Chile Chile$153,591.6620 Players
17.Portugal Portugal$149,770.158 Players
18.Turkey Turkey$139,307.3443 Players
19.Ukraine Ukraine$136,346.216 Players
20.Argentina Argentina$134,839.6433 Players
21.Croatia Croatia$132,026.992 Players
22.Finland Finland$127,851.1822 Players
23.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$100,768.4160 Players
24.Mexico Mexico$99,718.9916 Players
25.Spain Spain$87,254.8922 Players
26.China China$81,134.3747 Players
27.Norway Norway$69,228.448 Players
28.Poland Poland$69,096.3617 Players
29.Italy Italy$66,941.1323 Players
30.Iraq Iraq$42,933.331 Player
31.Netherlands Netherlands$40,586.0122 Players
32.Ireland Ireland$38,557.006 Players
33.Colombia Colombia$38,519.6711 Players
34.Czech Republic Czech Republic$24,447.7710 Players
35.Malaysia Malaysia$21,174.947 Players
36.South Africa South Africa$20,410.0010 Players
37.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$18,626.6711 Players
38.Slovenia Slovenia$11,403.341 Player
39.Belgium Belgium$10,593.436 Players
40.Austria Austria$10,223.454 Players
41.Singapore Singapore$9,706.927 Players
42.Switzerland Switzerland$9,702.332 Players
43.Peru Peru$9,021.673 Players
44.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$8,243.334 Players
45.Hungary Hungary$5,150.004 Players
46.Philippines Philippines$4,598.995 Players
47.Israel Israel$4,490.004 Players
48.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$4,165.003 Players
49.Serbia Serbia$4,087.333 Players
50.Latvia Latvia$3,570.001 Player
51.Hong Kong Hong Kong$3,431.118 Players
52.Yemen Yemen$3,386.671 Player
53.Slovakia Slovakia$3,026.332 Players
54.Lithuania Lithuania$2,448.333 Players
55.Tunisia Tunisia$1,639.672 Players
56.Greece Greece$1,371.001 Player
57.Pakistan Pakistan$1,350.001 Player
58.Cyprus Cyprus$1,269.994 Players
59.New Zealand New Zealand$991.423 Players
60.Malta Malta$971.001 Player
61.India India$910.002 Players
62.Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of$740.001 Player
63.Egypt Egypt$540.002 Players
64.Aruba Aruba$380.001 Player
65.Jordan Jordan$330.001 Player
66.Puerto Rico Puerto Rico$255.001 Player
67.Romania Romania$253.332 Players
68.Jamaica Jamaica$200.001 Player