Apex Legends Esports

Apex Legends

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$1,265,015.68 From 57 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2019-02-12 to

Top Countries For Apex Legends

1.United States United States$445,616.63131 Players
2.Germany Germany$100,119.7241 Players
3.France France$87,524.6335 Players
4.Russian Federation Russian Federation$64,161.0634 Players
5.Turkey Turkey$56,188.0212 Players
6.United Kingdom United Kingdom$48,841.6621 Players
7.Sweden Sweden$46,764.0120 Players
8.Spain Spain$40,741.6614 Players
9.Italy Italy$34,832.7813 Players
10.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$30,499.9815 Players
11.Thailand Thailand$27,000.009 Players
12.Netherlands Netherlands$26,942.3414 Players
13.Canada Canada$25,349.9815 Players
14.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$19,499.9711 Players
15.Czech Republic Czech Republic$17,479.337 Players
16.Belarus Belarus$15,348.285 Players
17.Australia Australia$14,000.019 Players
18.Japan Japan$11,000.0110 Players
19.Poland Poland$10,733.345 Players
20.Finland Finland$9,625.5112 Players
21.Ukraine Ukraine$7,785.663 Players
22.Portugal Portugal$7,686.753 Players
23.Belgium Belgium$7,171.014 Players
24.Singapore Singapore$5,266.664 Players
25.Hungary Hungary$5,150.004 Players
26.Denmark Denmark$4,198.069 Players
27.Switzerland Switzerland$4,166.671 Player
28.China China$3,213.999 Players
29.Norway Norway$3,054.333 Players
30.Greece Greece$1,371.001 Player
31.Serbia Serbia$1,371.001 Player
32.Pakistan Pakistan$1,350.001 Player
33.Lithuania Lithuania$1,058.331 Player
34.Brazil Brazil$999.996 Players
35.Malta Malta$971.001 Player
36.Croatia Croatia$733.331 Player
37.Ireland Ireland$533.331 Player
38.India India$500.001 Player
39.Mexico Mexico$333.331 Player
40.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$233.331 Player
41.Romania Romania$233.331 Player
42.Tunisia Tunisia$100.001 Player
43.Israel Israel$50.001 Player