Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$1,190,988.94 From 205 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2014-10-28 to

Top Countries For

1.United States United States$429,940.06154 Players
2.Russian Federation Russian Federation$185,312.77102 Players
3.China China$73,164.2712 Players
4.India India$56,609.0350 Players
5.France France$43,660.2916 Players
6.Armenia Armenia$43,100.8919 Players
7.Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of$42,316.1613 Players
8.Ukraine Ukraine$38,537.0334 Players
9.Norway Norway$38,055.008 Players
10.Poland Poland$23,262.6121 Players
11.Netherlands Netherlands$22,364.2911 Players
12.Canada Canada$22,345.799 Players
13.Azerbaijan Azerbaijan$19,865.1325 Players
14.Sweden Sweden$13,179.507 Players
15.Georgia Georgia$12,626.8310 Players
16.Germany Germany$11,789.9517 Players
17.United Kingdom United Kingdom$11,705.4515 Players
18.Spain Spain$8,264.5218 Players
19.Viet Nam Viet Nam$7,735.477 Players
20.Peru Peru$7,656.446 Players
21.Denmark Denmark$7,224.754 Players
22.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$6,031.008 Players
23.Uzbekistan Uzbekistan$5,708.849 Players
24.Egypt Egypt$5,652.723 Players
25.Argentina Argentina$5,428.885 Players
26.Greece Greece$4,142.456 Players
27.Brazil Brazil$3,993.684 Players
28.Ireland Ireland$3,846.234 Players
29.Croatia Croatia$3,131.277 Players
30.Belarus Belarus$2,774.426 Players
31.Israel Israel$2,374.465 Players
32.Monaco Monaco$2,187.501 Player
33.Hungary Hungary$2,021.187 Players
34.Serbia Serbia$2,010.977 Players
35.Iceland Iceland$2,000.001 Player
36.Turkey Turkey$1,837.2114 Players
37.Australia Australia$1,831.521 Player
38.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$1,611.111 Player
39.Czech Republic Czech Republic$1,578.266 Players
40.Cuba Cuba$1,275.663 Players
41.Bulgaria Bulgaria$1,228.666 Players
42.Italy Italy$1,216.416 Players
43.Venezuela Venezuela$1,074.933 Players
44.Romania Romania$1,066.165 Players
45.Latvia Latvia$928.925 Players
46.Mongolia Mongolia$900.001 Player
47.Lithuania Lithuania$875.003 Players
48.Japan Japan$800.001 Player
49.Ecuador Ecuador$754.173 Players
50.Slovakia Slovakia$675.553 Players
51.Andorra Andorra$575.001 Player
52.Chile Chile$565.822 Players
53.Philippines Philippines$400.334 Players
54.Paraguay Paraguay$316.492 Players
55.Slovenia Slovenia$245.222 Players
56.Malaysia Malaysia$216.431 Player
57.Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Republic of$149.002 Players
58.Montenegro Montenegro$136.002 Players
59.Dominican Republic Dominican Republic$100.001 Player
60.Indonesia Indonesia$100.001 Player
61.Estonia Estonia$99.001 Player
62.Finland Finland$99.001 Player
63.Jamaica Jamaica$75.751 Player
64.Colombia Colombia$68.051 Player
65.Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of$62.501 Player
66.Hong Kong Hong Kong$57.212 Players
67.Switzerland Switzerland$25.001 Player
68.Mexico Mexico$24.751 Player