NHL 18 Esports

NHL 18

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$102,700.00 From 6 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2018-02-18 to
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Largest Prize Pools

 Tournament NamePrize Money
1.NHL Gaming World Championship$85,000.00
2.NHL 18 Snider Cup PS4$5,850.00
3.NHL World Gaming Canadian Regional$5,000.00
4.NHL 18 Showdown Series PS4$2,500.00
5.NHL 18 Showdown Series Xbox One$2,500.00
6.NHL Snider Cup Xbox One$1,850.00

Top Players

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game)
1.Finland EkiErik Tammenpää$50,000.00
2.United States JrPens- -$15,375.00
3.United States Fool- -$10,000.00
4.United States Johnwaynee90- -$10,000.00
5.Canada miviens- -$4,250.00
6.Canada Yung Gren- -$2,750.00
7.United States JFear- -$2,600.00
8.Finland ArtuzioArttu Mustila$2,500.00
9.Canada x0diee- -$1,725.00
10.United States mtk490- -$1,000.00
11.Canada Desjy_99- -$500.00
12.Canada Regs84- -$500.00
13.United States Bouch- -$375.00
14.Canada BureToKovalchuk- -$250.00
15.Canada Sitful- -$250.00
16.United States Cheez Whizzzzz- -$125.00
17.Canada King Goosey- -$125.00
18.United States Skunksmen- -$125.00
19.United States Tendyx29- -$125.00
20.United States WoahMack- -$125.00

Online/LAN Breakdown

LocationPrize Money% of Total
Online Only$12,700.0012.37%

Top Countries

 Country NamePrize Money
1.Finland Finland$52,500.00
2.United States United States$39,850.00
3.Canada Canada$10,350.00