Age of Empires Online

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$7,266.56 From 35 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2011-05-30 to

Top Countries For Age of Empires Online

1.Germany Germany$2,488.975 Players
2.Portugal Portugal$1,208.281 Player
3.United Kingdom United Kingdom$1,030.317 Players
4.Greece Greece$485.001 Player
5.United States United States$401.006 Players
6.Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia$345.001 Player
7.Australia Australia$226.001 Player
8.Peru Peru$215.003 Players
9.France France$180.003 Players
10.Georgia Georgia$175.001 Player
11.Canada Canada$140.003 Players
12.Brazil Brazil$75.001 Player
13.Sweden Sweden$70.001 Player
14.Latvia Latvia$65.001 Player
15.Mexico Mexico$50.001 Player
16.Spain Spain$15.001 Player
17.Italy Italy$15.001 Player
18.South Africa South Africa$12.001 Player
19.Japan Japan$10.001 Player