Vainglory Esports


Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$797,421.19 From 35 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2015-07-20 to

Top Countries For Vainglory

1.United States United States$216,009.9545 Players
2.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$185,603.8753 Players
3.China China$62,807.5114 Players
4.Germany Germany$54,172.8129 Players
5.Russian Federation Russian Federation$42,451.6219 Players
6.Iraq Iraq$24,646.991 Player
7.France France$21,719.825 Players
8.Portugal Portugal$20,312.491 Player
9.Italy Italy$20,072.682 Players
10.Japan Japan$18,808.2614 Players
11.Singapore Singapore$15,600.146 Players
12.Brazil Brazil$13,671.337 Players
13.Malaysia Malaysia$11,164.463 Players
14.Sri Lanka Sri Lanka$11,010.971 Player
15.Viet Nam Viet Nam$10,020.504 Players
16.Hong Kong Hong Kong$6,287.675 Players
17.Norway Norway$3,812.491 Player
18.Ukraine Ukraine$3,770.831 Player
19.Sweden Sweden$2,704.171 Player
20.Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Republic of$2,633.331 Player
21.Netherlands Netherlands$2,462.843 Players
22.Denmark Denmark$2,433.332 Players
23.Switzerland Switzerland$2,341.672 Players
24.United Kingdom United Kingdom$2,083.331 Player
25.Austria Austria$1,718.522 Players
26.Algeria Algeria$1,437.501 Player
27.India India$1,004.501 Player
28.Thailand Thailand$1,004.501 Player
29.Philippines Philippines$1,000.001 Player
30.Uruguay Uruguay$910.671 Player
31.Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan, Republic of China$866.005 Players
32.Turkey Turkey$500.004 Players
33.Canada Canada$444.001 Player
34.Finland Finland$333.331 Player
35.Lithuania Lithuania$333.331 Player
36.Czech Republic Czech Republic$264.813 Players
37.Spain Spain$55.683 Players
38.Poland Poland$18.291 Player