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Dota 2

Release Date:
Prize Money Awarded:
$225,722,637.06 From 1405 Tournaments
Recorded Date Range:
2011-08-17 to

Top Player Rankings from Bosnia and Herzegovina for Dota 2

 Player IDPlayer NameTotal (Game)Total (Overall)% of Total
1.Bosnia and Herzegovina MiLANMilan Kozomara$52,510.68$52,510.68100.00%
2.Bosnia and Herzegovina Emperor606Sasa Bajric$2,356.01$2,356.01100.00%
3.Bosnia and Herzegovina lizzardAdmir Salkanović$2,084.88$2,084.88100.00%
4.Bosnia and Herzegovina ATTHESPEEDOFLIFEVladimir Stojakovic$795.96$795.96100.00%
5.Bosnia and Herzegovina suki- -$22.03$22.03100.00%