Esports Balkan League - Season 7

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2020-06-22 to 2020-08-15

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Serbia Serbia$8,741.2312 Players
2.Bulgaria Bulgaria$5,969.646 Players
3.Croatia Croatia$2,368.901 Player
4.Poland Poland$1,492.412 Players
5.Hungary Hungary$1,184.451 Player
6.Italy Italy$1,184.451 Player
7.Romania Romania$1,160.747 Players
8.United Kingdom United Kingdom$307.961 Player
9.Slovenia Slovenia$284.262 Players
10.Austria Austria$142.131 Player
11.Denmark Denmark$142.131 Player
12.Spain Spain$142.131 Player
13.Lithuania Lithuania$142.131 Player
14.Latvia Latvia$142.131 Player
15.Sweden Sweden$142.131 Player
16.Slovakia Slovakia$142.131 Player


Esports Balkan League - Season 7 (LoL)€20,000.00$23,689.01League of Legends