European Masters Summer 2020

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2020-08-17 to 2020-09-20

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Poland Poland$46,385.3615 Players
2.Germany Germany$22,009.387 Players
3.Denmark Denmark$19,761.115 Players
4.France France$18,459.487 Players
5.Sweden Sweden$17,631.177 Players
6.Russian Federation Russian Federation$9,466.401 Player
7.Netherlands Netherlands$7,809.782 Players
8.Greece Greece$6,626.489 Players
9.Spain Spain$3,786.563 Players
10.Portugal Portugal$3,786.563 Players
11.Norway Norway$3,194.911 Player
12.United Kingdom United Kingdom$2,839.923 Players
13.Bulgaria Bulgaria$2,721.594 Players
14.Belgium Belgium$1,893.281 Player
15.Estonia Estonia$1,893.282 Players
16.Hungary Hungary$1,893.281 Player
17.Romania Romania$1,893.281 Player
18.Lithuania Lithuania$1,183.302 Players
19.Serbia Serbia$1,183.302 Players
20.Switzerland Switzerland$946.641 Player
21.Finland Finland$946.641 Player
22.Croatia Croatia$591.651 Player
23.Italy Italy$591.651 Player


European Masters Summer 2020€150,000.00$177,495.00League of Legends