Premier Tour Summer 2018

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2018-08-11 to 2018-08-25

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.Germany Germany$60,721.9421 Players
2.Netherlands Netherlands$6,717.353 Players
3.Austria Austria$6,012.022 Players
4.Poland Poland$2,804.981 Player
5.Belgium Belgium$1,880.881 Player
6.Denmark Denmark$1,880.881 Player
7.Finland Finland$1,631.472 Players
8.Estonia Estonia$1,567.401 Player
9.Switzerland Switzerland$1,410.662 Players
10.Greece Greece$940.441 Player
11.Slovakia Slovakia$932.271 Player
12.Croatia Croatia$705.331 Player
13.Italy Italy$705.331 Player


Premier Tour 2018 Summer Gamescom€25,000.00$29,388.75League of Legends 
Premier Tour 2018 Summer Berlin€25,000.00$29,133.50League of Legends 
Premier Tour 2018 Summer Hamburg€25,000.00$29,388.75League of Legends