Underdogs (League of Legends)

Total Prize Pool:
Total Players:
2016-06-22 to 2016-08-03

Awarded Players

Prize Money By Country

1.France France$39,928.3930 Players
2.Belgium Belgium$7,550.006 Players
3.Hungary Hungary$4,500.702 Players
4.Slovenia Slovenia$3,076.893 Players
5.Denmark Denmark$2,843.723 Players
6.Poland Poland$2,255.061 Player
7.Serbia Serbia$2,255.061 Player
8.Finland Finland$2,211.801 Player
9.Greece Greece$2,211.801 Player
10.Sweden Sweden$2,211.802 Players
11.United Kingdom United Kingdom$1,134.801 Player
12.Switzerland Switzerland$692.461 Player
13.Austria Austria$680.881 Player
14.Slovakia Slovakia$680.881 Player
15.French Polynesia French Polynesia$561.421 Player
16.China China$449.001 Player


Underdogs 2020€15,000.00$16,912.95League of Legends 
Underdogs 2019€15,000.00$16,588.50League of Legends 
Underdogs Summer Split 2017€10,000.00$11,348.00League of Legends 
Underdogs Spring Split 2017€10,000.00$11,541.00League of Legends 
Underdogs Autumn Split 2016€10,000.00$11,241.71League of Legends 
Underdogs Season 4 (LoL)€2,500.00$2,810.43League of Legends 
Underdogs Season 3 (LoL)€2,500.00$2,806.25League of Legends 
Underdogs Season 2 (LoL)€2,500.00$2,806.25League of Legends 
Underdogs Season 1 (LoL)€2,500.00$2,806.25League of Legends