Name:Anthony Wheeler
Country: United States

Nameless vs Nolson

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66Tournaments Ranked49
$133,663.41Prize Money Earned$75,326.57

Prize Difference
$58,336.84 ««««««««««


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4/111 (3.60%)

Name:Nick Nolson
Country: United Kingdom

30th-$100.002020-06-23Twitch Rivals COD Warzone Showdown NA (June 2020)    
   2020-02-09CDC London Open 2020 $200.00-3rd
   2019-08-18CWL Championship 2019 $15,000.00-5th-6th
   2019-07-05CWL Pro League 2019 $12,875.00-11th-12th
   2019-07-05CWL Pro League 2019 Player Bonuses $2,000.00-15th
   2019-06-16CWL Anaheim 2019 $1,500.00-7th-8th
1st-$2,875.002019-05-17CWL Blackout After Dark - May 2019    
   2019-05-05CWL London Open 2019 $2,500.00-2nd
5th-$375.002019-03-29CWL Blackout After Dark - March 2019    
   2019-03-17CWL 2019 Fort Worth (Open) $550.00-7th-8th
   2018-12-17EU CWL 2000 Series 2018-12-16/17 $400.00-1st
   2018-12-09CWL Las Vegas Open 2018 $2,000.00-5th-6th
   2018-11-05EU CWL 2000 Series 11-04/05 $300.00-1st
13th-14th-$3,125.002018-04-08CWL Pro League 2018 - Stage 1    
7th-8th-$1,000.002018-03-11CWL Atlanta Open 2018    
7th-8th-$1,000.002018-01-14CWL New Orleans Open 2018    
25th-32nd-$2,500.002017-08-13CWL Championship 2017!$6,250.00-9th-12th
9th-12th-$3,125.002017-07-30CWL Global Pro League 2017 - Stage 2    
   2017-07-02CWL 2017 - EU Last Chance Qualifier $750.00-1st
   2017-07-02MLG 2K Series EU 07-02 $400.00-1st
   2017-06-25CWL Sheffield Open 2017 $250.00-5th-6th
5th-6th-$2,000.002017-06-18CWL Anaheim Open 2017    
2nd-$250.002017-06-04MLG 2K Series NA 06-04    
7th-8th-$5,625.002017-05-28CWL Global Pro League 2017 - Stage 1!$3,125.00-13th-16th
   2017-04-16CWL 2017 Birmingham Open @ i60 $1,000.00-4th
   2017-04-02MLG GameBattles/2000 Series/Europe/2017-04-02 $225.00-2nd
7th-8th-$1,000.002017-03-19CWL Dallas Open 2017    
7th-8th-$500.002017-02-19CWL Paris Open ESWC 2017!$2,000.00-4th
   2017-02-12CWL Atlanta Open 2017 $2,000.00-5th-6th
   2017-01-29CWL 2017 London Invitational $500.00-4th
7th-8th-$500.002016-12-18MLG CWL Las Vegas Open 2016    
1st-$250.002016-10-29OpTic Hitchs MW2 Farewell Tournament    
9th-12th-$7,500.002016-09-04Call of Duty XP Championship 2016!$7,500.00-9th-12th
5th-6th-$1,000.002016-08-07MLG Orlando 2016    
3rd-4th-$6,000.002016-07-17NA CWL Stage 2 Playoffs    
   2016-07-17EU CWL Stage 2 Playoffs $6,000.00-3rd-4th
   2016-07-03Gfinity Summer Masters 2016 (CoD:BO3) $1,250.00-2nd
5th-6th-$1,000.002016-06-12MLG Anaheim Open 2016 (CoD:BO3)    
   2016-05-152016 EU CWL Challenge Division Stage 2 ESL Event #1 $250.00-2nd
5th-8th-$4,000.002016-04-03NA CWL Stage 1 Playoffs    
   2016-03-27EU CWL Stage 1 Playoffs $4,000.00-5th-6th
3rd-4th-$625.002016-03-13ESL CWL Challenge Division Tier 2 Event 2 North America    
   2016-03-06EGL Open London 2016 $312.50-7th-8th
   2016-02-28ESL CWL Challenge Division Tier 2 Event 2 Europe $62.50-5th-8th
   2016-02-21ESL CWL Challenge Division Tier 2 Event 1 Europe $500.00-1st
   2015-11-21Gfinity 4v4 CoD PS4 Cup - November 21st $18.99£12.502nd
3rd-4th-$1,000.002015-11-14Totino's Invitational    
   2015-10-16Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - October 16th $77.20£50.001st
   2015-10-05Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - October 1st $18.96£12.503rd-4th
   2015-10-04Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - October 4th $75.91£50.001st
   2015-10-02Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - October 2nd $37.86£25.002nd
   2015-09-26Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - September 26th $18.98£12.503rd-4th
   2015-09-25Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - September 25th $18.96£12.503rd-4th
   2015-09-24Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - September 24th $19.07£12.503rd-4th
9th-12th-$2,000.002015-09-20MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 3    
   2015-09-20DreamHack London 2015 (CoD:AW) $625.00-4th
   2015-09-13Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - September 13th $19.31£12.503rd-4th
   2015-09-12Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - September 12th $19.29£12.503rd-4th
   2015-09-10Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - September 10th $38.65£25.002nd
5th-6th-$500.002015-09-06UMG Washington D.C. 2015    
   2015-08-30Gfinity EU Pro League S2 2015 Premier $384.76£250.003rd
   2015-08-23Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - August 23th $19.62£12.503rd-4th
   2015-08-15Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - August 15th $78.22£50.001st
   2015-08-14Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - August 14th $19.55£12.503rd-4th
   2015-07-25Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - July 25th $19.39£12.503rd-4th
   2015-07-02Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - July 2nd $19.52£12.503rd-4th
   2015-06-25Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - June 25th $39.31£25.002nd
   2015-06-18Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - June 18th $19.85£12.503rd-4th
1st7,500 SEK$912.972015-06-15DreamHack Summer 2015 (CoD:AW)    
4th-$1,500.002015-06-07MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 2    
   2015-06-07Gfinity 4v4 CoD Xbone Cup - June 7th $38.17£25.002nd
3rd-4th-$116.252015-05-03MLG 5K Series 05-03    
3rd-4th-$87.502015-05-02UMG/MLG 5K Series 05-02    
1stC$2,500.00$2,052.632015-04-26UGC Niagara 2015 (CoD:AW)    
3rd-4th-$50.002015-04-18UMG/MLG 2K Series 04-18    
1st-$81.252015-04-05MLG Variant 250 Series 04-05    
1st-$67.502015-02-26MLG Variant 250 Series 02-26    
1st-$122.502015-02-25MLG HP 250 Series 02-25    
5th-6th-$1,000.002015-02-22MLG Pro League CoD AW Season 1    
2nd-$67.502015-01-24UMG/MLG 2K Series 01-24    
2nd-$143.752015-01-18MLG 5K Series 01-18    
3rd-4th-$90.002015-01-10UMG/MLG 2K Series 01-10    
5th-6th-$250.002014-11-30MLG Columbus 2014 (CoD:AW)    
3rd-4th-$120.002014-11-22UMG/MLG 2K Series 11-22    
5th-8th-$100.002014-11-16MLG 5K Series 11-16    
1st-$831.252014-11-15UMG/MLG 2K Series 11-15    
2nd-$525.002014-11-09MLG 5K Series 11-09    
1st-$7,500.002014-10-26MLG CoD:Ghosts League Season 3    
2nd-$1,000.002014-08-24UMG Dallas 2014    
1st-$7,500.002014-08-03Gfinity G3 (Call of Duty: Ghosts)    
5th-6th-$1,000.002014-06-22MLG Anaheim 2014 (CoD:Ghosts Pro)    
2ndC$1,000.00$911.202014-05-04UGC Niagara 2014 (CoD:Ghosts)    
4th-$375.002014-04-13MLG CoD:Ghosts League Season 1    
2nd-$50,000.002014-03-30Call of Duty Championship 2014    
2nd-$250.002014-02-07MLG CoD Winter Invitational    
3rd-$750.002014-01-05UMG Philadelphia 2014    
1st-$475.002013-12-22MLG 2K Series 12-22    
1st-$600.002013-11-16eBash CoD:Ghosts Nov 2013    
1st-$303.752013-11-14MLG SnD 250 Series 2013-11-14    
1st-$400.002013-11-10MLG 2K Series 11-10-2013    
5th-8th-$625.002013-10-13Gfinity 2 London 2013 (CoD:BlOps2)    
1st-$1,250.002013-09-02PAX Prime Call of Duty Invitational    
3rd-$250.002013-04-21UMG St. Louis 2013    
7th-8th-$300.002013-03-17MLG Winter Championship 2013 (CoD:BlOps2)    
2nd-$100.002012-10-28360icons Farewell MW3    
1st£525.00$830.362012-08-26i46 (CoD:MW3)    
1st-$825.002012-08-19UMG Championships 2012    
2nd-$200.002012-06-24UMG Invitational 2012    
1st-$250.002011-12-03Game Pazzo Lantastic MW3 Lan    
5th-$500.002011-07-31MLG Anaheim 2011 (CoD:BlOps)    
2nd-$1,500.002011-04-03MLG Dallas 2011 (CoD:BlOps)