Li "Sky" Xiaofeng

Li, Xiaofeng
Date of Birth:
March 27, 1985
Total Prize Money Earned:
$216,281.54 From 54 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
Sky, WE.Pepsi.Sky, WE.Sky

Li "Sky" Xiaofeng is a Chinese Warcraft III player. He is widely known for his aggressive playing style with the Human race, which many considered to be a "slow" defensive race. This play-style has been called the "Sky Rush".

Sky started gaining recognition in international competitive gaming after taking third place at the first edition of the World e-Sports Games during a three month stay in Seoul, South-Korea in March, 2005. He would remain one of the most notable players throughout the remainder of the year, dominating his competitive home country and showing strong international results by winning ACON 5 and taking fourth place at the Electronic Sports World Cup.

Earnings By Year
2012$3,357.623 Tournaments1.55%
2011$4,563.015 Tournaments2.11%
2010$9,769.246 Tournaments4.52%
2009$43,846.1111 Tournaments20.27%
2008$36,086.8611 Tournaments16.69%
2007$36,771.439 Tournaments17.00%
2006$44,887.275 Tournaments20.75%
2005$37,000.004 Tournaments17.11%

Earnings By Age
27$3,357.623 Tournaments1.55%
26$3,808.554 Tournaments1.76%
25$10,523.707 Tournaments4.87%
24$32,263.928 Tournaments14.92%
23$42,123.1213 Tournaments19.48%
22$42,317.3610 Tournaments19.57%
21$44,887.275 Tournaments20.75%
20$32,000.003 Tournaments14.80%
19$5,000.001 Tournament2.31%

Earnings By Game
WarCraft III$216,281.5454 Tournaments100.00%

Top Placements
10 Tournaments
17 Tournaments
18 Tournaments

Other Statistics
Overall Ranking
Ranked #48 Highest Overall Earnings

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament
11.56% of Total Earned


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