- Most Prize Money Awarded

This list represents the top 100 games in esports with the most prize money based on information published on the internet. Sources include news articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, official statements, reliable databases, VODs and other publicly-accessable sources that preserve "historical" information.

Top Games Awarding Prize Money

1633 Players
633 Tournaments

4229 Players
1749 Tournaments

5817 Players
1813 Tournaments

1580 Players
3864 Tournaments

2587 Players
572 Tournaments

6.StarCraft: Brood War$6,786,480.22533 Players353 Tournaments
7.Smite$5,794,127.66425 Players71 Tournaments
8.Heroes of the Storm$5,336,828.02754 Players329 Tournaments
9.Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft$5,041,756.20981 Players485 Tournaments
10.WarCraft III$4,311,566.85375 Players804 Tournaments
11.Call of Duty: Black Ops III$3,789,286.51351 Players67 Tournaments
12.World of Tanks$2,856,496.59344 Players44 Tournaments
13.Halo 5: Guardians$2,689,624.23141 Players24 Tournaments
14.Heroes of Newerth$2,654,644.13792 Players360 Tournaments
15.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare$2,598,295.00769 Players401 Tournaments
16.World of WarCraft$2,591,837.61242 Players67 Tournaments
17.Counter-Strike: Source$2,425,590.92852 Players199 Tournaments
18.Halo 3$1,832,079.40163 Players32 Tournaments
19.Call of Duty: Ghosts$1,569,291.38145 Players73 Tournaments
20.Call of Duty: Black Ops 2$1,448,149.70143 Players49 Tournaments
21.Halo 2$1,445,362.47118 Players69 Tournaments
22.Super Smash Bros. Melee$1,369,384.121048 Players1221 Tournaments
23.Quake III Arena$1,132,881.07231 Players96 Tournaments
24.CrossFire$1,108,543.87215 Players30 Tournaments
25.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3$1,092,795.18155 Players34 Tournaments
26.Painkiller$1,015,000.0048 Players13 Tournaments
27.Turbo Racing League$1,000,000.0016 Players9 Tournaments
28.Defense of the Ancients$857,420.65451 Players94 Tournaments
29.Halo: Reach$772,089.9797 Players28 Tournaments
30.Ultra Street Fighter IV$730,620.23197 Players209 Tournaments
31.Quake Live$662,874.31198 Players387 Tournaments
32.Quake 4$555,171.7288 Players50 Tournaments
33.Mortal Kombat X$521,472.4293 Players59 Tournaments
34.Dead or Alive 4$497,745.3145 Players13 Tournaments
35.Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings$485,600.00140 Players15 Tournaments
36.Guild Wars 2$476,005.50152 Players57 Tournaments
37.Halo 2 Anniversary$465,551.1491 Players19 Tournaments
38.Super Smash Bros. for Wii U$435,616.61532 Players321 Tournaments
39.Overwatch$433,233.76400 Players128 Tournaments
40.Halo 4$422,800.0043 Players17 Tournaments
41.Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare$352,006.57353 Players67 Tournaments
42.Call of Duty: Black Ops$346,393.48117 Players21 Tournaments
43.Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition$340,065.65151 Players201 Tournaments
44.Point Blank$293,597.75186 Players25 Tournaments
45.World in Conflict$293,338.2336 Players10 Tournaments
46.Team Fortress 2$284,112.07497 Players67 Tournaments
47.Halo: Combat Evolved$263,931.00112 Players38 Tournaments
48.ShootMania Storm$261,687.0481 Players40 Tournaments
49.Doom 3$257,748.1614 Players4 Tournaments
50.Project Gotham Racing 3$253,286.8529 Players8 Tournaments
51.Gears of War$252,195.5733 Players18 Tournaments
52.Super Smash Bros. Brawl$223,178.25438 Players290 Tournaments
53.Battlefield 4$222,863.61159 Players141 Tournaments
54.Forza Motorsport 2$222,000.0017 Players2 Tournaments
55.FIFA 07$220,555.1931 Players12 Tournaments
56.Street Fighter V$220,253.7879 Players37 Tournaments
57.FIFA 13$197,827.9841 Players61 Tournaments
58.FIFA 08$196,049.4453 Players16 Tournaments
59.F.E.A.R.$177,500.0020 Players5 Tournaments
60.Rainbow Six: Vegas$176,400.77137 Players7 Tournaments
61.H1Z1$173,328.0020 Players2 Tournaments
62.Killer Instinct (2013)$160,507.3796 Players35 Tournaments
63.Unreal Tournament 2003$154,156.4129 Players13 Tournaments
64.FIFA 15$143,283.15162 Players349 Tournaments
65.Madden NFL 13$140,000.001 Player1 Tournament
66.Gears of War 2$135,000.000 Players5 Tournaments
67.Unreal Tournament 2004$133,969.3341 Players12 Tournaments
68.Mortal Kombat 9$132,411.6758 Players24 Tournaments
69.Evolve$131,509.05110 Players33 Tournaments
70.Project M$130,004.86400 Players222 Tournaments
71.Tekken 6$117,874.6455 Players27 Tournaments
72.Quake II$113,600.0026 Players6 Tournaments
73.FIFA 09$113,415.9643 Players17 Tournaments
74.FIFA 10$113,126.7158 Players47 Tournaments
75.TrackMania Nations Forever$111,875.5976 Players40 Tournaments
76.FIFA 16$110,388.5250 Players22 Tournaments
77.Unreal Tournament 3$104,977.827 Players4 Tournaments
78.Blade & Soul$103,401.1216 Players2 Tournaments
79.Rocket League$101,064.58100 Players63 Tournaments
80.Paladins$100,000.000 Players1 Tournament
81.Soul Calibur IV$100,000.001 Player2 Tournaments
82.Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3$98,346.29169 Players144 Tournaments
83.FIFA 06$94,200.1611 Players8 Tournaments
84.FIFA 11$93,983.7772 Players78 Tournaments
85.Tekken 7$93,727.9534 Players9 Tournaments
86.Battlefield 2$91,715.220 Players12 Tournaments
87.S.K.I.L.L. Special Force 2$91,548.9565 Players16 Tournaments
88.QuakeWorld$91,330.1639 Players8 Tournaments
89.Vainglory$90,000.0049 Players3 Tournaments
90.Unreal Tournament$89,000.0014 Players5 Tournaments
91.Mortal Kombat XL$88,427.1616 Players4 Tournaments
92.Counter-Strike: Condition Zero$85,000.0015 Players1 Tournament
93.Tekken Tag Tournament 2$82,205.70140 Players132 Tournaments
94.Street Fighter X Tekken$81,440.64104 Players83 Tournaments
95.FIFA 14$80,484.7647 Players66 Tournaments
96.Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War$79,816.507 Players3 Tournaments
97.Rainbow Six: Vegas 2$79,000.000 Players8 Tournaments
98.TrackMania Nations$74,000.007 Players5 Tournaments
99.NHL 13$70,000.001 Player1 Tournament
100.Rise of Nations: Rise of Legends$69,600.008 Players1 Tournament