Jang "Moon" Jae Ho

Jang, Jae Ho
Date of Birth:
December 14, 1986
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
Total Prize Money Earned:
$461,590.68 From 100 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
fnatic.Moon, FnaticRC_Moon, FOXMoon, Liberty, Moon, mouz.Moon, MYM.Moon, Spirit.Moon, WemadeFOX_Moon, WMF|Moon

Jang "Moon" Jae Ho is a former legendary Night Elf player in Warcraft III, and a Zerg player in Starcraft II. He is a five-time Warcraft III World Champion and has won three televised national South-Korean leagues as well as four seasons of MBCGame's World War.

In Warcraft III, Moon was often seen using strategies that later set the benchmark for many Night Elf players and was nicknamed the "5th Race". He has played and won more televised WarCraft III games than any other Warcraft III player.

On Starcraft II's release, he competed in major events for both Starcraft II and Warcraft III. Moon eventually switched to Starcraft II full-time in January 2012 when he joined Fnatic.

Moon is one of the Warcraft III players featured in the documentary film "Beyond the Game".

Earnings By Year
2014$1,880.411 Tournament0.41%
2013$7,283.988 Tournaments1.58%
2012$5,640.876 Tournaments1.22%
2011$33,244.749 Tournaments7.20%
2010$44,483.4713 Tournaments9.64%
2009$14,051.878 Tournaments3.04%
2008$76,632.5319 Tournaments16.60%
2007$169,107.1421 Tournaments36.64%
2006$45,557.958 Tournaments9.87%
2005$50,907.995 Tournaments11.03%
2004$4,321.521 Tournament0.94%
2003$8,478.211 Tournament1.84%

Earnings By Age
27$2,492.483 Tournaments0.54%
26$6,671.916 Tournaments1.45%
25$5,640.876 Tournaments1.22%
24$33,677.5710 Tournaments7.30%
23$50,050.6413 Tournaments10.84%
22$8,451.878 Tournaments1.83%
21$78,232.5319 Tournaments16.95%
20$167,107.1420 Tournaments36.20%
19$45,595.119 Tournaments9.88%
18$50,870.834 Tournaments11.02%
17$4,321.521 Tournament0.94%
16$8,478.211 Tournament1.84%

Earnings By Game
StarCraft II$27,753.0014 Tournaments6.01%
WarCraft III$433,837.6886 Tournaments93.99%

Earnings By Online/LAN
Offline/LAN$454,446.9987 Tournaments98.45%
Online Only$7,143.6913 Tournaments1.55%

Top Placements
33 Tournaments
31 Tournaments
11 Tournaments

Other Statistics
Overall Ranking
Ranked #21 Highest Overall Earnings

Prize Money Earned Under 18 Years of Age
$12,799.73 From 2 Tournaments
2.77% of Total Earned

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament
$38,120.65 Game-X 20072007-03-11
8.26% of Total Earned


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