Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen

Manuel Schenkhuizen
Date of Birth:
May 11, 1986
Total Prize Money Earned:
$311,326.51 From 115 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
4k.Grubby, Abuseyoudna, EG.Grubby, Grubby, MYM]Grubby, [Grubby] Grubby

Manuel "Grubby" Schenkhuizen is a Dutch player who plays Protoss in Starcraft II, and Orc in Warcraft III.

In WC3, Grubby has won more than 38 LAN tournaments, six of which are World Championship titles. He has been consistently ranked in the Top 10 Warcraft III players in terms of winnings each year since 2004.

Rather than joining another team in SC2, Grubby decided to go for solo sponsorship. SteelSeries supported him throughout 2011, but the sponsorship was dropped due to insufficient tournament results and overall exposure. He announced Twitch.TV as his new sponsor in early 2012.

After the award ceremony of Blizzcon 2009 where he took 2nd place, Grubby proposed to his girlfriend and former Ms. Singapore Universe 2004 contestant, Cassandra "PpG" Ng on-stage. He is also featured in the documentary film "Beyond The Game" along with other Warcraft III pro-gamers.

Earnings By Year
2014$3,000.001 Tournament0.96%
2013$23,620.3414 Tournaments7.59%
2012$16,965.9120 Tournaments5.45%
2011$8,574.7710 Tournaments2.75%
2010$20,867.9013 Tournaments6.70%
2009$39,888.159 Tournaments12.81%
2008$48,408.6717 Tournaments15.55%
2007$31,690.7312 Tournaments10.18%
2006$48,125.009 Tournaments15.46%
2005$41,773.037 Tournaments13.42%
2004$27,412.012 Tournaments8.80%
2003$1,000.001 Tournament0.32%

Earnings By Age
27$20,395.349 Tournaments6.55%
26$18,180.9516 Tournaments5.84%
25$11,265.2718 Tournaments3.62%
24$18,915.2512 Tournaments6.08%
23$41,525.4110 Tournaments13.34%
22$44,308.8713 Tournaments14.23%
21$24,762.8913 Tournaments7.95%
20$48,662.4911 Tournaments15.63%
19$48,162.809 Tournaments15.47%
18$34,147.243 Tournaments10.97%
17$1,000.001 Tournament0.32%

Earnings By Game
Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft$1,345.341 Tournament0.43%
StarCraft II$50,056.7943 Tournaments16.08%
WarCraft III$259,924.3871 Tournaments83.49%

Top Placements
24 Tournaments
17 Tournaments
21 Tournaments

Other Statistics
Overall Ranking
Ranked #16 Highest Overall Earnings

Prize Money Earned Under 18 Years of Age
$1,000.00 From 1 Tournament
0.32% of Total Earned

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament
$12,500.00 WCG 2004 (WarCraft III)10/10/2004
4.02% of Total Earned


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