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Lee "NaDa" Yoon Yeol

Lee, Yoon Yeol
Date of Birth:
November 20, 1984
Korean Age:
Korea, Republic of
Korea, Republic of
Total Prize Money Earned:
$245,359.91 From 47 Tournaments
Alternate IDs:
coL.NaDa, coLMvP.NaDa, NaDa, oGsNada, Sea.s2, [Red]NaDa
Prize information is missing from one or more tournaments. The player's listed earnings may not reflect the true value of the prize money earned.

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Earnings By Year
2012$2,627.932 Tournaments1.07%
2011$25,409.6212 Tournaments10.36%
2010$3,545.941 Tournament1.45%
2009$8,218.703 Tournaments3.35%
2008$19,248.566 Tournaments7.85%
2007$51,703.876 Tournaments21.07%
2006$57,566.714 Tournaments23.46%
2005$40,616.275 Tournaments16.55%
2004$19,772.285 Tournaments8.06%
2003$16,650.033 Tournaments6.79%

Earnings By Age
27$3,955.893 Tournaments1.61%
26$24,081.6611 Tournaments9.81%
25$3,545.941 Tournament1.45%
24$10,223.914 Tournaments4.17%
23$19,369.846 Tournaments7.89%
22$49,577.385 Tournaments20.21%
21$57,566.714 Tournaments23.46%
20$40,616.276 Tournaments16.55%
19$19,772.284 Tournaments8.06%
18$16,650.033 Tournaments6.79%

Earnings By Game
StarCraft II$31,583.4915 Tournaments12.87%
StarCraft: Brood War$213,776.4232 Tournaments87.13%

Top Placements
4 Tournaments
7 Tournaments
2 Tournaments

Other Statistics
Overall Ranking
Ranked #56 Highest Overall Earnings

Largest Prize from a Single Tournament
$42,757.66 ShinHan OSL #2 200611/18/2006
17.43% of Total Earned


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