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Overall eSports Stats For 2017

Total Prize Money: $5,320,807.37
Total Tournaments: 124
Total Active Players: 929
Average Tournament Prize Pool: $42,909.74
Average Earnings/Player: $5,727.46
Median Tournament Prize Pool: $525.94
Median Earnings/Player: $264.00

Top Countries for 2017

1.Philippines Philippines$960,145.0013 Players
2.France France$828,159.6615 Players
3.Sweden Sweden$643,457.9764 Players
4.Poland Poland$635,909.9916 Players
5.Denmark Denmark$460,328.5920 Players
6.Korea, Republic of Korea, Republic of$335,970.5435 Players
7.China China$283,060.7785 Players
8.Germany Germany$205,825.4024 Players
9.United States United States$191,479.53255 Players
10.United Kingdom United Kingdom$149,425.3716 Players
11.Peru Peru$73,000.0011 Players
12.Canada Canada$61,901.6539 Players
13.Ukraine Ukraine$61,318.0810 Players
14.Finland Finland$60,067.6129 Players
15.Turkey Turkey$58,700.0010 Players
16.Russian Federation Russian Federation$47,048.8637 Players
17.Romania Romania$27,110.983 Players
18.Australia Australia$26,767.3229 Players
19.Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of$25,006.002 Players
20.Netherlands Netherlands$23,003.678 Players
21.Brazil Brazil$16,428.1022 Players
22.Argentina Argentina$12,155.4011 Players
23.Bulgaria Bulgaria$8,652.949 Players
24.Belgium Belgium$8,031.874 Players
25.Malaysia Malaysia$8,000.008 Players
26.Norway Norway$7,752.215 Players
27.Serbia Serbia$4,100.002 Players
28.Uruguay Uruguay$4,000.002 Players
29.Croatia Croatia$3,465.2122 Players
30.Chile Chile$3,435.901 Player
31.Iceland Iceland$3,080.0010 Players
32.Colombia Colombia$3,000.001 Player
33.Ecuador Ecuador$3,000.001 Player
34.South Africa South Africa$3,000.005 Players
35.Hungary Hungary$2,093.4112 Players
36.Japan Japan$1,891.002 Players
37.Indonesia Indonesia$1,000.001 Player
38.Mexico Mexico$898.903 Players
39.Kazakhstan Kazakhstan$550.006 Players
40.Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina$400.001 Player
41.Panama Panama$300.001 Player
42.Slovakia Slovakia$263.121 Player
43.India India$188.003 Players
44.Israel Israel$175.001 Player
45.New Zealand New Zealand$165.883 Players
46.Slovenia Slovenia$104.651 Player
47.Kosovo, Republic of Kosovo, Republic of$53.211 Player
48.Italy Italy$49.152 Players
49.Estonia Estonia$35.002 Players
50.Iran, Islamic Republic of Iran, Islamic Republic of$31.623 Players
51.Belarus Belarus$30.001 Player
52.Uzbekistan Uzbekistan$12.181 Player
53.Austria Austria$7.021 Player
54.United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates$6.501 Player
55.Switzerland Switzerland$6.501 Player
56.Spain Spain$6.501 Player
57.Lithuania Lithuania$6.501 Player