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Submitted:Oct 11th, 2021 2:17:21 AM

following is the information for earnings in ESEA Main league Season 38 for CSGO.

Below are two sources for the playoffs bracket,the first source is directly from ESEA, and the liquipedia source also has prize distribution:

This third source is once again from ESEA themselves confirming the prize distribution for this season:

The liquipedia page previously cited also shows the rosters for each team, but below are the official ESEA roster pages for each team to confirm. NOTE: some teams may have made roster moves but the "roster" tab on each team page holds a history of each player that has been on the roster and for how long. The starting players are listed on liquipedia.

Peeker's Advantage -
Davenport University -
Stealth Esports -
Kinship Black -
makuraSOFT -
Life Game -
Mad Kings Esports -
The Black Bulls -