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Submitted:Oct 2nd, 2020 11:24:41 AM

Hello there, i am Patrick Fernandes and i believe there are some Magic the gathering tournaments i played that are missing, specially since Magic the Gathering Arena got released. For example, i participated in Mythic Championship V, finishing at 34th, and here are a few links with all decklists (and players) from the tournament:
And here is the prize payout:

I also participated in the players tour online number 3 finishing at 11th, as you can see in the following link:
And here is the prize payout:

To finish it all up, i made top 8, finishing 5th at the Players tour Finals event as you can see in this link:
And here is the prize payout:

Glad to help and keep an eye out cause next weekend (9-11 of october) there will be the Players tour Grand finals which i will be playing with this prize payout:

Thanks for the attention!