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Submitted:Jul 25th, 2020 6:26:26 PM

Hello, I would like to tip about a player.

Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Nickname: wajken

Real name: Elias Wiklund

Nationality: Sweden

Tournaments/Qualifiers below

Gymnasieligan 2019 Fall / 1th place with team Grillska Eskilstuna (25.000sek prizepool):

Gymnasieligan 2019 Spring / 2nd place with team Grillska Eskilstuna (25.000sek prizepool):

Northspawn LAN 2018 / 1th place with team BRBDMALITE (10.000sek prizepool):

Swedish Esports League Division 1 / 4th place with team Gripen Esport (3000euro prizepool):

KEITA CSGO SPRING FRENZY / 1th place with team Farsanslimo (15.000sek prizepool):

Hultsfred eSport week 2020 Gymnasiekamp / 2nd place with team GEGG (427euro prizepool):

Other notable qualifiers, leagues or undocumented lans to strengthen the tip:

2x ESEA Main (1x playoffs)
1x Winnersleague Main Division (1x playoffs)
1x gameonlan 2019 (1st place, won dreamhack tickets worth 100$ each) website -
1x OMEN CS:GO Open S2 - Qualifier #2 1st place -
1x Swedish king of nordic qualifier (2nd place)
1x Grillska Örebro LAN 1st place (5000sek prizepool to only the 1th place) website -

steam: (10k hours on csgo)

contact me for more information if needed.