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World Cyber Games 2019 Xian China - Clash Royale
There was a TEAM competiton and an INDIVIDUAL competition.

Your site only lists the TEAM competition and does NOT include the resullts of the INDIVIDUAL competition

Both the INDIVIDUAL and the TEAM competition had a prize pool of 80k (1st- 50k, 2nd-20k, 3rd-10k) TOTAL PRIZE MONEY AWARDED TO CLASH ROYALE 160k

INDIVIDUAL competition results:

Jackson Wahl - JuicyJ- 1st - 50k
Efe Yenice - Efemgg- 2nd- 20k
Herbert Lee - Taoki - 3rd - 10k

The following links lists the results of the INDIVIDUAL competition an Interview with the winner and a news paper article:^bracketView^1

Meet the WCG 2019 winner of Clash Royale. JuicyJ ! (feat. Caleb)
YouTube app ยท WCG - World Cyber Games
Feb 20, 2020