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Type:Data - Corrections To Existing Information
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Submitted:May 21st, 2020 8:35:00 PM

Hello my name is Devin. I am a Fortnite "professional" who qualifed for the Fortnite World Cup solos. Your website has some of my missing placements. I played in the 2018 Winter Royal solos, and placed 55th place. I can show you proof of this in many ways. Is there anyway you can get that adjusted? The username you have the player under is "Lkt11" My name is "Pzuhs" on your website.

Response To Tip
The reference for Fortnite Winter Royale Series 2018 (NA) also lists "Lkt11" at 55th place and doesn't show a placing for "Pzuhs". An additional reliable source would be required to change.