Submitted Tip
Type:Data - Corrections To Existing Information
Status:Under Investigation Under Investigation
Submitted:Feb 14th, 2020 8:18:41 AM

I would like to report false information on the site, fake tournaments and winnings etc.

I will point out the the majority of "Mason 'Zechten' Nethcez"'s tournament results and earnings are completely fabricated.
Reported Earnings from "Attack on Titan Tribute Game" exceed $350,000. Yet there is no evidence of any tournament footage, advertising, webpages, etc. detailing anything about any of the tournaments listed, with the exception of challonge links. A search of any of the other high earning players comes up with zero results.
In addition, all of the highest-earning tournaments challonge brackets (some apparently dating back a few years) were created in October of 2019
It is interesting to note that the account that created all of the brackets has been deleted.

I believe that "Zechten" has created both fake challonge brackets, complete with fake players, in order to artficially boost his esports earning rank, placing himself at the number #1 earning slot in New Zealand.
I joined the discord community associated with the brackets, and asked for confirmation of these tournaments. I was told that none of them occured.

If there is any other information required, or any questions, please feel free to contact me using the email provided.